Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 104 - Two Years

Q: Who will cry the most at the airport?
A: Mom or lyssa, with a runner up for dad.

Q: What are your next couple of days like?
A: Tuesday, zone meeting and normal saying goodbye.
    Wednesday- Get on the church bus to go to el banque (the San Pedro stake center) in the morning. Pres and Sis Dester talk about life after the mission. We eat lunch, go to guamalito to buy recurdos. Then dinner and a testimony meting with President Dester and the other missionaries that are leaving. Wednesday night sleep in the APs house, and wake up and we go to the airport.

Q: Who will be the most unchanged when you come home?
A: Dad or mom

Q: What if President Martin can't see you until a week from Thursday and you have to finish your mission as a Phoenix Arizona Mission missionary?
A: With dad as my companion

Q: If you had to describe your mission in one sentence what would you say?
A: Can it be a run-on sentence?

Q: Are you happy you don't have to email us anymore after today?
A: I guess it's okay.

Q: What kind of dog should Brandon and Alyssa get?
A:  Is there a dog breed that is called Honduras street dog. They need homes too, Lyss.

Q: Are you happy you don't have to answer any more ridiculous questions?
A: No. I kinda like them

Q:What kind of pet are we watching for someone that went out of town?
A: Fish

Q: Can you be Brandon's first patient in clinic?
A: I think I have an appointment with Danny... I guess it's okay..

Q: How many pictures of me and Shar are in our apartment?
A: Shar and I. 2

Q: what do you get to do on your pday?!
A: We went to pizza hut with one of my converts to see him one last time before I leave.

Q: what songs did they sing in church yesterday?
A: I don't remember... 

Q:  What did you eat for dinner last night!?
A: Chicken and rice!

Hey everyone.  How is everyone?!

This week has been pretty normal. Thursday I had my last interview with President Dester. It was really nice. He told me I need to read the scriptures and pray daily. He says he knows that it is basic but it is what he was told by his mission president. He hardly talked about marriage.

I was also told that I have an infection in the stomach.  So that's cool. I knew I had to go home sick from this place.

I am not really good at writing last words. All I can say is that I am happy that I have been here for 2 years. I would not say that it goes by fast, but It does not seem like two years. Doing hard things is always a great decision. I have grown in so many unexpected ways and I hope that I can continue growing. I am thankful for all the people I have meet, the friends I have made and the lives I have impacted.  I have had unforgettable experiences, and I hope that I will always remember them. 

Thank you blog fans for all that you have done for me I love you all! hahaaha

Well, so you soon, family! Stay safe!

With all my love, for the last time,
     Elder Tyler Coniam

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Week 103

Q: What is your favorite part about this area?
A: The members.

Q:  What have you learned the most in this area?
A:  That it is not fun to walk 2 hours sucking the Honduran sun

Q: What has been your favorite thing about being a missionary?
A: I have a reason to talk to whatever person I want to. 

Q: Have you seen anyone fall off the plank and into the river?
A: Yes.  But me, no

Well, it is rather hot here. We were sitting in the bus in slow traffic. I was sweating a whole bunch, there was regaton playing, my companion started talking to the guy next to him about the church. All I could think was I am going to miss this. We spent some time looking for souvenirs today and in the bus I realized that those things are not going to remind me of all the great memories here in Honduras. I don't know how I can remember all the great things that have happened, all the inspiring memories. 

This week I talked in church. We also had my last multi-zone conference and my comp and I gave a workshop to the other Elders.

More thoughts next week. I love you all. Stay safe and see you soon.

Elder Tyler Coniam

Sunday, May 22, 2016


There is not much to write about anymore...

I can write about the weird dreams that I am having. All my dreams involve me going home in some way. They have all been kind of funny. And I wake up thinking I am at home.  

One of them I was mad because I did not remember anything from the flight, I was just home. I really like flying so that's why I was mad. The other dream was when I was not able to get all the things I wanted to bring home. 

Q: Do Hondurans say ciao when they are saying good bye?
A: No Never

Q: how was your week? bien?
A: It went well.

Q: Do you really call that a “bridge”?
A: What should I call it?

Q: Are you scared that you might fall in the "river?
A: At first not anymore

Q: What has been your favorite meal for lunch?
A: I enjoy everything,  You all will be so surprised at how much I eat now. Not in terms of size, but as in the things i eat

Q: What did you do when your comp talked to his family?
A: I was with the other elder from our house, and my comp was with his comp.

Q.Guess what I found in the dryer twice now?
A. Gum

Q.How are you?
A. Todo Tranqi 

Well I think that is all. This week went normal. We painted on Saturday to finish family week. And yeah I think that is all.

I will talk to you guys soon!

Love me very much.


Stay safe

Elder Ty Coniam

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 

So I guess I won't say much because we talked yesterday...

This week went fine. 

Stay Safe, I will see you later.....


I love me. Bye

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Honduran Pizza

Well, this week was fun as I played emergency dispatcher, and saw some old friends from my last area!

Q.  What goals do you have for the rest of your mission?
A. Spend my studying time in a good way. Setting up a good area for the next guy who is coming. 

Q.  Ankle all better?
A. 85%

Q.  What's been the best thing about your mission?
A. Meeting so many people. People that are a lot smarter, stronger, faithful and loving than I am.

Q.   What will be your first American meal?
A.   Carumba's Cheese Crisp... and Paradise bakery cookies

Q: What time is your church at?
A: 9:00 AM 

Q: Do you have a lot of meetings to go to on Sunday?
A:  Normal  

Q: Should I leave questions for Sunday?
A:  yes

Q.How are you feeling?
A. Great

Q.How is that ankle looking?
A. A little big

Q.What should we have for dinner on Sunday? 
A. Anything - just as mom does not cook

So on Tuesday we had the Zone meeting, and about 15 minutes before we receive a call from President Dester, ¨Hi Elder Coniam, I am about five minutes away from the stake center, we are going to be with your Zone this morning. In which gate should I go to in order to enter¨

So he shows up and all the missionaries sit down and stop talking. I just thought it was funny because they are all new and don't really know President Dester. They thought that they could not  talk or something. President Dester is very relaxed, and likes to make jokes a lot. He is incredibly kind. As well Sister Dester was with him.  They were asking me about my health. 

So he stayed and watched our captication. And then at the end he asked if he could talk a little bit. So he talked about how some elders in the zone were scared because a man was shot outside of the house were they were eating dinner.  Afterwords they went out with the family and started helping him, trying to stop the bleeding. They were scared because one of the elders said that there was a man that was looking at each of them as if he was remembering their faces. So Pres. Dester showed up to tell everyone that everything is okay and that the Lord is always protecting us from danger. He mentioned stories about his brother's mission that I had already heard, and I was hoping he would remember my bus crash story. 

Anyways the next big story would be that we are leaving now. My ankle was not 100% but we left. It just sucks being in the house for a long time. So it was nice to leave the house now. 

I won a vaso in the Pespi promo!!! That was cool!

Friday we did divisions with Chamelecon. I stayed in El Clan and Santa Eduviges. So was a good time. 

Saturday I played emergency dispatcher. We were walking by a convert's house when she had passed out on the front porch. Her friends and husband were standing around her. We helped wake her upl. She was going to have surgery this week for a problem she has, but it came faster than they thought. So they did not have a way to get to the hospital, so we had to call members asking them to help. After a lot of unanswered calls a member showed up to help. 

As well on Saturday we ate at the terminal of buses when I saw chino and his mom walking through there. I went over there to say hi to them, they were the ones that let me talk at their house last Christmas. So that was fun.

And then that was about it... wow I am going to talk to you  guys on Sunday!!!

So i will see you then!!!!

Bye stay safe and I love me very much.

Elder Coniam

Week 104 - Two Years

Q: Who will cry the most at the airport? A: Mom or lyssa, with a runner up for dad. Q: What are your next couple of days like? ...