Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18, 2014-103 Weeks to go!

Hi everyone. I have p-day today. Thank you for all the love and support. I love you all so very much. I have not received a single Dear Elder letter so if you don’t write those anymore that’s okay.

We landed just fine at the airport. After getting of the plane it took probably 15 minutes to get out bags and through immigration. A person from the CCM was there took us to these two yellow school busses from the US from the 80s I would guess. Me and another elder, Elder O, helped put everyone's bags on the second bus while everyone else rode on the first one.
Elder O is in my mission but I don’t know much about him - he is in a different room and district. There is
also Elder Marcus who is going to San Pedro Sula West also - he is very smart. And last and probably the best is Elder Hyde, he is in my mission also. Elder H is from Alabama and has the accent and everyone loves him because he is so funny. I sit in front of Elder H in our class, and he is in my district, so I have got to know him pretty well.

My companion is Elder Cowan, he is 18 from Eagle Point or Eagle Mountain, Utah. He never took Spanish in high school so it has been tough for him to learn. He is also a little shy when speaking Spanish, so I try to push him - nicely - to talk more. Other than that he is very nice and there are not any real problems.

In my room is six bunk beds. I have the bottom bunk closest to the window. Along with Elder Cowan is Elder Allen, Elder Chuddley district leader, Elder Lopez and Elder Torrez, who are both Latinos. It’s really fun to practice our broken Spanish with them.  The picture I will send is my room's view of the Temple. Oh,
yeah, I forgot a long sleeve white shirt for the temple and so I told my teacher, she told the president’s wife and they got me two shirts!

The food here is not so good - you get what they make. I have only had cereal twice, once on Sunday and this morning.  They never have it out. I try to try everything once. The mashed beans, and mashed potatoes I still can’t eat - the texture grosses me out. And they have made plantains but not like Mike, he makes them way better.  You can also get ice cream every lunch so I always look forward to my ice cream sandwich.
We went to the temple this morning and yesterday we went to the distribution center. They always have at least one armed guard with us as we are walking there. I did hear 5 gunshots though one night. They sounded far away though. I bought some things at the distribution center with my card.

On Sunday I was picked to give a talk and it was in Spanish so it was bad!

There are four Dominicans here, they are always laughing and such. Elder De La Cruz lived in San Pedro, he said it was in the east mission. That elder also let me borrow his scriptures to read something in my talk. All the Latinos are nice. We play soccer with them a lot.

I feel like I’m forgetting something but hopefully I will remember it next week.

Questions :  
Q: Have you been able to go outside to enjoy the cooler weather?
A: It feels great, all the Guatemalans wear jackets and act like it's cold, it feels great.

Q: How tired were you the first day after having 2 hours of sleep?
A: It was the longest day. I feel asleep in 10 minutes.

Q: What is the Guatemala MTC like?
A: I think I would like this one more than the Provo MTC. It’s much closer.I see President Cox every day. He is also very kind towards everyone.

Q: Have you done laundry yet?
A:  Yes, twice, everything dispenses automatically and there is no need to pay for it.

Q: What was your first impression of Guatemala City?
A:  Green and wet, it rains a little every day, some days more than others. Like Rocky Point just green.

Q: Was the first day the longest day of your life?
A: Yes - the days seem to be going by faster.

Q: How is the food? Are you eating?! (:  What is your favorite?
A: Food is not so great. Nothing really sticks out except ice cream sandwiches.

Q: Are you the tallest person there?
A: Almost a few other elders are taller, probably 3 others are taller.

Q: Do your feet hang over your bed?
A: Yes.

Q: What do you do for gym time?
A:  Play soccer, or basketball, or volley ball - I am good at that.

Q: Do you spend 30 minutes planning for the next day?
A:  More like 10 minutes, our schedule is pre-made and there is nothing to plan.

Q: What do you miss most?! Cellphone or Netflix
A: Netflix, I always think of Office quotes.
Okay. I only have 4 minutes left so I love you all. I wish I could write every day. Don't send packages. I can't wait until I talk to you next week.

With Love,
        Elder Coniam

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