Wednesday, July 9, 2014

End of Week Four

Q: How many Elders and Sisters are in the MTC? It’s more than just in that picture, right?
 A: There is one more picture about the same size as my group, so just double that picture. I think it can hold 160 missionaries, making it the 4th largest mtc in the world.
 Q: Do you want us to send a new SD card and usb adapter?
 A;To Honduras, yes. Just the usb adapter though please. I have two 16 GB SD Cards.
 Q: Have you had any episodes?
 A: Well yeah. My body is not prepared for all these new foods. You guys would be surprised with what I eat. Hot dog with a bun!!!!!!! hamburger with a bun!!!! Most of the stuff does not taste bad - I just think it's kind of bland. And when it does taste bad, just eat it really fast and get the taste out with water.
 Q: How long does it feel like you’ve been in the MTC?
 A:First 2 weeks, super long. These last two weeks, super fast. The Latinos in our room just left this morning, but they just got here!!!!!
 Q: Are you an expert at laundry? And how are you at ironing your shirts?
 A: Laundry is easy, put all the whites in, hit the whites button. Put the darks in, push the darks button. All the things automatically dispense in to the washer. I ironed my shirts for the first 3 weeks, but I not anymore. If it's really wrinkly I will iron it.
 Q: Do you make your bed every morning?
 A: Nope. We did have room inspections one day and I had to make my bed. Oh, I just use the top cover also, it's just a thin blanket.
 Q: Do you want us to send your stuff to Honduras so it will be there when you get there?
 A: No, just the sd card usb adapter thing I lost here. We got it at Staples and Kodak made it. If you find another one that's okay too. Apparently was not allowed to use that usb thing with these computers. Its against the rules that I was never told, so I don't feel bad. They don't want viruses on the computer.
 Q: How many dear elders did you get that one day?
 A: 5 Papers, but maybe 17ish all together. I did not count.
 Q: Have any of the Hondurans said what the best way to send mail is?
 A: No, one guy who works in the MTC says just put ELDER TYLER CONIAM on the adress, and the people in central America mostly know who you are, and the often waive the taxes for missionaries.
 Q: Where do you think Mike would be applying for a job? A: ASU something, use your spanish skills mike!!!
 Q: What did you do for the 4th of July?
 A: Hot dogs. And a piece of cake.
 Q: What game do you think dad started playing on his iPhone? (He even looked up cheats for the game!!! haha!)
 A: clash of clans!!! I hope so!!!!!
 Q: Can you roll your r’s yet?
 A: I always could... I guess you guys don't know me
 Q: Can you take a picture of yourself? We are looking for a picture of you in your suit coat for your mission plaque. So kind of up close and a blank background would be preferred.
 A: Nope. Don't even have my camera on me - they took it and locked it up. I will get it today when we go out though.
 WOW - that was a lot of questions and good ones. I am not sure what to write about this week. All of the stuff is kind of the same. My companion reminds me of Woody a little bit. His sense of humor and everything. Today we are going outside the mtc for p day, we are doing a tour of the city and going to Wendy's (hot juicy red head, the Office) So I am going to pig out. We are also going to get brownie sundays today. And do some sort of volleyball tournament toady also, district vs district. We got two new fake investigators, so I hope they will understand my Spanish. The president is getting P90X 3 this Friday, so I will visit uncle tony this week hopefully. I also get one normal ice cream sandwich and a strawberry one now!! I like to mix things up. Oh I got a huge ink stain on my shirt this, took it to the two cleaning ladies and they bleached it, and got it back to me the next day, they are awesome!!!
 Love you all very much.
 Elder Ty-D Coniam

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