Thursday, July 17, 2014

Leaving the CCM - Soon

So hello again family. I will leave the MTC Tuesday morning at some time  - I have no Idea when.  Early is all I know. So this may be the last time I am going to email you from the CCM. The calling card is international but I don't  know if there will be a pay phone or if I will understand the instructions in Spanish.  I think we fly to El Salvador and then to Honduras because we need a smaller plane to land on the runway in Honduras. Or I could be completely wrong!!

Last week I was able to buy a soccer jersey, Guatemalan  it cost $10.00 US and is blue with a white stripe of some sort. I like it a lot. We went to a market and were able to look around - it was kind of weird. We walked down into a huge room, but there were only these narrow walkways to fit through. They were selling a lot of random clothing and other jewelry. In another part of the area they were selling foods. I really like the meat with all the flies on it, but don't worry, they will hit the fly with a fly swatter when it lands on the meat! YUM! The flower section smelled good though. I almost forgot! We also went to Wendy's and I had 20 nugget meal and a frosty! (fatty) but it was good, no barbecue, so I used ketchup. Oh and then the president's wife made brownie sundays and I realized how much I miss brownies, mmmmmmmm.

I am going to send physical letters finally, I was slacking on that!

So this week there was a lot of change. We got new teachers and the Latinos in our room left for their missions. We got nortes in our room, both from Utah, surprise! We also got 2 new teachers - our old ones are teaching other districts now, Hma. Alverado, and Hmo Bonilla, that sucked at first them leaving, but our new teachers are just as good. Hma Bruno in the morning and Hmo Maldonado at night. Hmo. Maldonado is going to law school here in Guatemala and knows Spanish, English, French, and Italian. He wants to also go to Georgetown in America. That also means we have new "investagadors".  There are also new Latinos, 6 of them are going to my mission.
I am ready to leave the CCM, but my Spanish is not, but It probably will never be ready, so I think I just need to jump into the deep end. Does that make sense?

Happy Birthday to Brando, Is this year the big three o or is it next year? Have fun in Russia, lyssa and Brandon. Also I missed bumps birthday in the last email, but I did sing to him.

Oftentimes when I miss you guys I think about what you are doing right at that instant, it's a fun game I play in my mind.
Thinking about the last time I saw you in the airport is to tough... Please don't cry because I said that. But you can if you want.

Q: What kind of soda do they have at the CCM?
A: Soda does not exist in the CCM, and you get in trouble if you buy coke outside the ccm, but I did not know that rule when I had my coke, for 50 American cents! So cheap!

Q: What did you have at Wendy’s? We are thinking chicken tenders/nuggets, a drink and a frosty.
A:  20 nuggets, fries, frosty, and a coke. I knew about the rule at that point.
Q: Did you see lots of dogs wondering around the city when you were out? Or any pigs or cows?
A:  No, I asked my teacher why I have not
 Q: Did they have armed guards when you went out in the City?
A: In some places yes, some military, most private, shotguns everywhere!!!
 Q: Did you twist your ankle playing volleyball?
A:  No
 Q: Why do you hate Mike? Will you ever respond to a question he asks ?  He says you said goodbye to everyone in the letter except for him.
A:  Really!  Well,  I did not mean it.  Bye, Mike.  I love you so much buddy. You are the best brother in the world, and I don't hate you.
 Q: How was uncle Tony?
A:  He gets it on Friday, no uncle tony
 Q:  Are we allowed to move your shoes up to your room? Mike wants more room in the garage
A: Yes because he thinks I hate him.

I love you guys so much, and love writing you each week. Bye MICHAEL, dad mom nan lyssa and Brandon, and all other friends and family I am out of time.

Love me, Elder Ty Coniam 

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