Friday, July 4, 2014

Week Three of the CCM

Hello Everyone. Questions first!
Q: Is it an unlimited number of ice cream sandwiches you can eat each day?
A. Yes, one, but I made a deal with another elder. I think I told you guys about elder Hyde, going to my mission from  Alabama and in my district.  Well, I give him my crappy bread/rolls for his ice cream. He does not like ice cream and I don't like the rolls so it's a win win.. . -Michael Scott 

Q: Are you sad you didn’t get to help Bralyssa move into their new home?
A:No, but I am glad they are in their new house. When is Mike moving in!.

Q: Are you going to get to go on exchanges/splits with the missionaries in Guatemala?
A: No, I hardly ever leave the ccm, if you are talking about inside the ccm no. But we do talk at lunch and teach them in Spanish every now and again.

Q;  Have you gotten any Dear Elders yet?
A: Yes they came in a big group all the letters at once! I looked so popular in my district.

Q: Are you glad that you didn't have to be there to help us move?!
A:No, I don't mind any way.

Q: Did they make any new food that you like?
A: Pancake with chocolate chips but they only gave us one pancake!

Q: Are you still eating ice cream sandwiches?
A:  Yes every day and now with my new deal I get two.

Q: Do you get new Missionaries every week or no?
A: Every 2 weeks - Latinos stay for 2 weeks, nortas 6 weeks

Q. Any idea if you take a plane or bus to SPS?
A.  Plane.  One elder says to El Salvador then to sps, he has friends in sps oeste. He also said Pres Dester let the missionaries watch the world cup on p-day.
Q: Do most of the people/teachers only speak Spanish in the CCM?
A:No, most teachers speak some English, one teacher served her mission in Las Vegas. The other teacher learned English from watching English TV and his companions in Peru.
Well, congratulations to Eric and Miriam. That's good Alyssa and Brando got to move and everything went well, even without my big arms!
Dad are you in civil or criminal?
What is Mike doing nowadays?
I don't care what you send me from Russia - just have my mission address.
I can't think of anything I need.  Food i guess when I get to sps, but not - I guess that's it.
I don't know how much weight I have lost, mom, maybe 5 pounds. The pants are a little loose but that's okay. That's why they make belts!!!
After I got off last week from writing, two things happened. I forgot my sd card usb adapter in the computer and i cant find it now. Apparently we are not allowed to plug anything into the computers, but i never heard that rule. I put my name on both items so hopefully they turn up.  And second is we played soccer outside in the rain. it was pouring for 25 minutes. President Cox caught us going inside super soaked, he just laughed and said I wondered if you guys were still out there! He is very kind.
We get new Latinos every two weeks.  We got a lot of Hondurans, so I talk to them. Whenever i say San Pedro Sula  they say, hace calor. but another said it was very beautiful. They also say it's not very dangerous if you are not stupid.
I don't have a problem waking up, i don't want to wait for a shower, so sometimes I get out of bed at  625 and head for the showers. I think they remodeled recently, the bathrooms are very nice.
One of our investigators dropped us, well everyone in the district, we are still teaching the other one.
We try and  watch devotionals every Tuesday night, but the internet here is bad so it plays for 2 minutes, buffers for 1.5 minutes and plays again. Last night we watched Elder Oakes, he talked about nurturing new converts.
Okay. I know i did not writemuch this week but I am almost out of time.
I thank you guys for every thing. Mom and dad for all your hard work. There are some very poor Latino elders here.  I am grateful for what I have been given.

 Love you lots!
Elder Ty-D Coniam

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