Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Q: What should we name the baby? Dad says Anne Shirley, Mike says Brandona Michella or Michelle (girl version of his name).
A: You should make it one of those really weird names, that way she will be made fun of her entire life... Just kidding, follow your heart...

Q: How do you look so good? - Brandon
A: Because I got a hair cut

Q: When you are on the computers for pday do you get to "surf" the internet?
A: No, I´ll look at Mike's or my blog. That's really the only place that I go that is not LDS something.
Q: Have you seen any Tina dogs down there?
A: No. they are all mutts and gross. I understand why mike was a little mean to Maggie his first few months back, he got used to thinking that all dogs are gross. They do sometimes howl like Maggie, hers is still better though.

Q. Have you found your Honduran family yet?
A. No I don't think I have - just some people that remind me of you guys. We went to visit a member in the ward, and he was napping in his hammock outside. Guess who that reminded me of ? dad of course. I think I am going to bring back a hammock for dad so he can nap in it!!!

So I am never sure what to talk about. I can barely remember what happened yesterday, so I am not sure what to talk about.

I know a few weeks ago dad said he drove the missionaries to their dinner appointment or something. And that same week we got two rides from members while we were waiting for the bus, so thanks dad!

Tomorrow we have companion exchanges. And my trainer is the District Leader, so I will be staying in the area while a Latino elder from another area stays with me. I am really scared I will mess up or something is going to go wrong and I will have no idea what to do. Like i am not sure I know where everyone lives or what are we going to do, or who and what we are going to teach.

I have actually been sick today. I have had a lot of diarrhea and when ever I look at food I want to throw up. So I have just had water and 7up so far today. The reason I am sick is because we had three dinner appointments last night. My trainer does not want to say no to the people. And when someone invites us over to dinner I don't even realise it because I don't speak Spanish. And if you tell the members you don't want that much food they get offended, like you are rejecting everything about them. One time someone asked me if I wanted food, I said no and she got really sad. Then her mom interrupts,´oh, he doesn't understand, he wants to eat´ and then they gave us food. And we have a dinner appointment in a few hours and I don't know what I am going to do.

Every Sunday we eat lunch at the 1st counselor in the stake presidency and his family. He was diving us to back to our apartment and he was rolling up the window and crushed one of my fingers in the window. That night he called and said he felt really bad. My finger looks normal, only a little bump.

Last night a Sister called us to tell us that her family and another family is inviting me and my companion out to dinner at a pizza restaurant this Friday night, It's outside our zone, but I am sure the zone leaders will approve it. So that's nice of them.

Our area is really weird, It has super poor- where people are living illegally on government land, the government wants to kick them out but does not have enough man power. Fairly poor- they have houses without dirt floors, but have running water and electricity. Well off- they live in residences and when we are there it kinda feels like I am in America, clean paved roads, grass in every ones front yard, that is guarded 24/7 by men with shot guns, and electric fences.

As far as everything else goes I don´t know, I am just talking it one day at a time, and if I cant do that a few hours at a time. But as always, I miss you guys. I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Thank you for your emails. Dad says this is the favorite time of his week and it mine too.

Love Elder Coniam

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