Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 18, 2014

Q: How was Wednesday?! And your intercambio?
A: Probably one of the better days here.

Q: What is your favorite scripture right now?
A: I like Mosiah 24 right now.

Q: How many bugs have you found in your bed or house?
A:Bed. no. House, yes, some. One or two spiders, and always these tiny ants.

 Q: How is your apartment? Clean?
A: I wish it was cleaner. We clean every week. But the bathroom is gross. It's impossible to remove the grime.
Q: Did you get your package? Or letter? The package was sent July 21 and letter the beginning of July.
A: Yes, I got the package last Tuesday. Thank you. I thought I could never eat all that food, but it's like half way gone. Time to get some of the weight that I lost.

Q. Have you had any siesta time?
A. My companion was sick one day so I joined him while he was napping for a little bit. but not really any other times.

 Q: Think 6 weeks ahead… what are you going to need in October or Christmas for that matter?
A: Flossers that go in between my bottom teeth, bug repellent white bottle, ear wax scooper! We have a microwave so, yeah, umm, the package really made me happy. (bug spray I use that every day and before bed. It's like I am on a campout)

 Q: Are you enjoying your bucket showers?
A:I think they are faster than normal showers, and we have water every other day. It's not too bad.

Q: Have you gotten any home remedies from the ward members?
A: One member, she gave me the Alkaseltzer and it helped.

Well,I think by the time I was done with my sickness, my companion got sick. He ate some bad food while he was on his exchanges. I think I got over my problem on Thursday or something. And then it rained pretty hard the next couple days so my companion got more sick. I think we are both over it now.

On Thursday night we ate dinner with a family in the ward. They gave us a lot of food. I stopped half way through because I didn't want to get sick from eating too much like the last time. I think Friday night my companion was buying stuff at a corner store. Basically the lady next to him (also buying stuff) said that I should be deported, she is going to call immigration and it's because that's what gringos in the United States do. The workers at the store were defending me, and trying to calm her down. It was kind of funny.

Thank you for the package. Thank you for all that you do, stay safe. I love you. Have fun with school mom, Brandon too, Alyssa get fat, dad put it towards the house payment, and mike take a break from studying and give Tina a treat from me!

 Love, Elder Coniam

P-day lumch

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