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First Week in Honduras July 28, 2014

Hello Everyone! 

Q:Did you find out about shipping? 
A: Just send by USPS 

Q: Did you get your package? 
A: No 

 Q: Did you get your camera thing back from the MTC? 
A: No, I didn't even try. It's lost - nothing I can do. 

Q: Who is your new comp and how is it going? 
A: Elder Reyes, That's like a long answer so it will be down below 

Q: Where is your new area? A:La Aldea Q: How are the Desters-did they know you? 
A: Sister Dester did. "And you´re Elder Coniam. Oh, from Glendale. Honey, this is Elder Coniam, he was in Amanda's ward in Arizona." So, yeah, they did. 

Q: How is the food/what are you eating? 
A: Rice, Beans, egg, tortilla 

Q: How are the stores? Can you get everything you need? 
A: Yeah, I can. We have to go into SPS for the grocery store though. 

How is your new place? 
It is small and dirty, and unorganized. But I have to deal with it so whatever 

What's it like? Do they have cereal in Honduras!? Have you had any? 
Yes, I bought Trix on Tuesday. 

How is the weather there?
Hot and humid just like they said. 

Q. So tell us about the past six weeks - where have you seen the most growth in you as a person? 
A. No se. Really I don't know. I want to be an introspective person, but I am not good at that. 

Q. How many elders and sisters are leaving to go to Honduras? 
A. We had 12 in our mission and 15 in the comuguagla mission 

Q. Uncle Tony? 
A. Nope, I saw him, but it was the last day at deportes so I wanted to spend time with the people from my district. 

Q. What will you miss most about the MTC?
A. The people- like from my district, We got to know each other well, and now I will never see most of them again.. 

Well, I am finally here. Tuesday, woke up at 2:00 am, left for the airport at 3:30, left on the plane at 8:00, got to El Salvador at 920ish, left at 950ish. There was no pay phones in Guatemala airport, there was one in El Salvador but it was for local calls only. 

Landed in Honduras SPS at 11:30ish and then had interviews and sat in meetings until 5:00 pm. I almost fell asleep. Had dinner at the Dester's super nice apartment, like crazy nice for America apartment. Then sleep at the APs dirty gross house - not the rooms, just like the kitchen and other places. Next day we found out who our new trainers would be. Mine is a Latino from Guatemala. Elder Reyes. We went to our place and then left to have lunch at a member's house. And I don't remember the rest of the day. In fact I don't remember what we did most days. 

I know that we are teaching a former nun. We go to a lot of menos activos and I feel as if none of them are going to come back to the church. they all leave because someone was mean to them, or because someone else acts badly and not like a member of the church should. And it's annoying. Apparently my area could be its own stake if everyone went to church. Oh and everyone wants to talk to you for like an hour, and we have to go places, but they think it's rude if we leave. 

Gangs - so MS13 controls my area. It's spray painted on one of the walls. The only gang members I have seen are these teenagers that sit on the hill and watch the cars that come in and out - I think they are scouts. And we just say buenas to them as we walk by, and they say it back, they really want nothing to do with us. 

Food, 75 percent of the time I will get food from the families, even if we were not going over for food. Some of them cook you whole meals, others just give you some Oreo type cookies, and soda, or juice. I like them the best. I had two dinners one night. And if you say no to their food, they think you hate everything about them, and you're a racist, and think that you think you are better than them. One member was cursing me out (I did not understand it) because all gringos think that they are better than Hondurans. But thankfully not all people are like that, most of them are just pleasant.

Sunday I gave another talk. It was okay. Some members said I did a good job - I think they were being nice. and it was only supposed to be 5 minutes so it was not too bad. Some member told us why he is mad at us. Then I almost fell asleep in ward council. After ward council meeting we went to the 1st counselor's and the stake president's house for lunch. We had sandwiches. He had me show him where our house was on google maps. He said it was nice. It was fun seeing the house. 

We are teaching a former nun, she is 38 years old, and said that she really liked the resturatuion folleto, pamphletand she said she would go to church, but she called Sunday morning and canceled on us. 

We also often go over to familia carcamo house. They are a family of 5 that just got baptized . And so we are teaching them all the lessons again and stuff so that's fun. There are 2 families that have an older sister and two younger brothers, that are three years apart so I like them a little more than others. 

P-day played soccer at the stake center, and ate at Little Cesar's - mmmm pizza. 

Well, that's all I can remember. I hope everyone is happy and healthy, Dad keep on walking, kinda like me. Mom just relax. Mike go film some ducks. And Alyssa get a job - hehe jk. Thanks for all the letters in the ccm. And Brando get ready for school. 

Goodbye all. I look forward to writing again. And I love you and I hope you are all safe. And I hope Tina is happy. Give her a kibble from me. 

Bye, guys. I love you all. 

 Elder I-might-get-fat-from-all-the-food-I'm eating-here Coniam 

P.S. My comp lived in America for 5 years he knows English just as well as I do. 

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