Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 4, 2014

I would send pictures, but my sd card won't go into the slot, sooooo, sorry.

I don´t remember what happens day to day. So let's do questions!

Q.   Any luck on getting the package?\; A. Nope, 3 weeks from the usa, 1 week to get to me after it arrives. Other parts of the mission could be out to 5 weeks.

Q.  Do you have a street address for your place?
A. Streets have names...? Not in La Aldea

Q.  Is the church building as big as it looks on Google maps?
A. Its smaller than the one by the school, but it's a good size.

Q.  So how was McDonalds this last time?    BTW, it was only like $3 American.
A. Pancakes, they did not have milk... so I go OJ. It was good! we had a multi-zone conference that morning so we got into SPS early.

Q.  How's your singing in Spanish - as "good" as Mike's?
A. Better then the Latinos... hehehehe they are terrible at singing. We have an automatic piano  in our building so you just select  the hymn and it goes!!! Super Masiso (Honduran word for cool, sweet, awesome)

Q.  Are you like generally the tallest person there?
A. Yes, the bus is not my friend if we are standing up, I can't stand up straight.!

Q.  What's a typical Sunday service like?
A. Normal Like in the states, sacrament meeting first, and classes next. Q: What is your schedule like? meaning when do you do language study and when are you in the house or do you not go back to the house until 9?

A: 6:30 Up, 8:00 Personal Study, 9:00-10:00 Comp Study, 10:00-11:00 First 12 weeks, extra time for greenies. Come back at 1:00 pm for language study

Q: Do you guys tract? Like knocking on doors and stuff?
A. Nope.  We will sometimes talk to random people. And you say ¨bunas¨ and that's how people come to the door.

Congratulations lyssa and brando. We were eating lunch with a sister, and I was showing here the pictures of you guys and she though lyssa and Brandon were not Mormon, because they had been married since 2008 and have no kids, it was pretty funny.  Did you cry in the ultrasound? Did Ashley do the ultrasound?

Well, hey mike. your thing about the shirt in the freezer thing does not work. The shirts are warm in 2 seconds! Also I take bucket showers, did I say that last week? The water here turns off every other day, at least in our area. So it got turned off at 5:00 AMish Sunday, and It did not turn back on until 1:00 PM ish today. And it will turn back off at 5:00 AM tomorrow morning. I would much rather have the water go off though. I have yet to sleep without a fan pointing at my face, and I wish to never experience that. So we pay a sister  in our ward to wash our clothing 200 limps each month.I think I will spend more time in American school buses here in Honduras than in the US. The buses are all old American school busses. The customize them how they like and stuff. Some even have bullet holes about the driver's seat. Should I have not said that... It costs 8 Limps to ride them. So we had 14 investigators at church yesterday. And I really only helped with one of them, 10 or so are from elder R and his last comp, 3 were brought by members, and the former nun, who probably only understands a few of the words I say. Most of the time I don't talk, and when I do I am saying a prayer. I don´t think most people understand me. I try to pay attention to conversations, but when I get lost my mind wanders. It's probably detrimental to me. 

Our other investigator that seems golden is Javier, he is 15 and friends with a member who is the only member in his family also 15. I can just picture him becoming a member Today during p-day we went to a gated community park and did nothing. They ZLs cooked some food, while others played football, or volleyball. Most of the zone is Latino, so I don't talk much. The communities are nice, they are cleaner, and seem safer, there are guards with shotguns at the front gate... and Elder L the other elder with a blog is in my district. I wish I could say I feel great, but I can't. Most people are extremely kind and everything but I just don't fit in here. I am grateful for all I have though, but maybe this is how every mission starts. Also someone always has it worse than me, I try to remember that.  I ate cow brain this week, they did not tell us what it was until we ate it.

That's awesome to hear lyssa and Brandon, that little thing will be 1 1/2 years old when I get back - crazy!!!! Good luck mike on the test, you are smart man you can do it. Mom enjoy the time you have off, and keep dragging dad out the door to go on walks, and dad try to sleep in more. What's her name? You should name here Maggie, no Tina, no Marty, no Poo poo eater. Oh and mom and dad are going to be Grandparents!!!!!!!!!!! A new phase in life!!!!!

-Love Elder  Coniam

The house on the top right 3 houses in a row, ours is the last one on the right. right near the church building.

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