Monday, September 1, 2014

August 25, 2014

No pictures today - the computers here erase your memory. Or at least hides it. We talked to the people that own them and they say they do that to the USB/Memory cards on purpose, they are able to fix ours, at least I think. So I still have my pictures but I will not put them in this computer. We might go somewhere else next week so maybe then. Alyssa, I got your letter with the picture.

Q: Why wasn’t your bed made in the picture?
A:I never make my bed - I have other things to do.

Q: Have you had anything to eat besides beans, rice, chicken, and eggs?
A: Sure, French fries, and other stuff.

Q: Do you have a new favorite food or meal?
A: pollo con tajadas is pretty good, like chicken and french fries.

Q: What is your favorite drink there?
A: Gatorade. It's' probably just as bad as soda, but I like to think it helps give me energy.

Q. Are your feet sore from all the walking? Do you want a pedometer?
A. Sometimes - most of the time. No, I don't want one. Would it be cool, yeah, but it's just another thing to keep track of.

Q. Do you want some new shirts or socks or inserts for your shoes?
A. Clothing I am good, And it's not like i need the new inserts right now, but maybe send them around October-ish

Q. Mom wants to know what was your most spiritual moment this week?
A. I am not sure - does that make me a bad missionary?

Q. Mom wants to know when I am going to clean the table off?
A. I was thinking about this. If I was at home right now, I would do most anything mom or dad ask me to do and I wouldn't´complain about it. They do a lot for you, Mike, it's the least you can do...

Q: How does it feel not to have AC?
A: Some places have it and it's like walking into heaven on earth!

Q: Do you understand the people at all?
A:Sometimes - most of the time no. And here is my problem, when I don't understand what is happening I zone out, don't pay attention and think of other things. I go into Tyler land.

Hi everyone!

Another week just went by - they are slowly getting better. I just need time to adjust. So for P-Day we went to Little Cesar's and went shopping and stuff. We helped move earth this morning, it was a surprise service project. Just like how we get new rock, a truck came by and dumped a bunch of dirt, and we helped move it.

This week I did divisions with Elder Lund in Ocotillo. I like divisions. I feel like I learn a lot, and I can talk more because no matter how much I embarrass myself, I am leaving the next day so it's okay. I also enjoy seeing how other people teach, I feel like I can learn so much.

I also did division with the first counselor in our ward. He is very nice, young, late 20s, married, no kids. He loves to go out with us I guess. A member who lives in the residential area paid for our dinner at some restaurant in the gated community, and then left. It was grilled chicken with fries. And I saw the first gringo, non missionary there. But I did not talk to them. Still have to get over the fear of talking to strangers. But it was one of the best meals I have had here. Weeeeellllllllll GOOOOOOODBYe!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to buy stuff at the grocery store, and hopefully nap. I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all. thank you all for writing. And thanks for the letter, Alyssa and Brandon - the picture is paper clipped to my calender.

Love you all!
Elder Doing Better Coniam

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