Monday, September 8, 2014

September 1, 2014

Q: How is the training program?
A: The first 12 Weeks? I am really tired in the morning when we do it so...

Q: Do you guys have those huge blue area books that are tough to use?
A: Yes, we have the blue carpeta. The map is from 2003, and there were a bunch of people baptized only having 2 or 3 lessons taught to them.. We are trying to teach the recent converts all the lessons over again and I think it's going well.

Do you need anything?
Nope Do you know how much I love you?
I think so, yes I do

Do you miss the preschool kids saying "Hi, Ty?"
Yeah nobody here calls me Ty. :(

Q: What is your favorite part about being a missionary?
A: We are always busy, there is always somewhere to go, someone to talk to...

Q: What first world luxuries do you miss the most?
A: Personal cars, AC

Q: Have you had any ice cream there?! And if so what kind is your favorite?!
A: 4 Times. McDonald's, Ice Cream shop in a mall type place, at a pulpriera (corner store), and the treat for a family home evening. The ice cream shop. 

So this week on Wednesday we had a Multi-Zone conference and Elder Alanzo of the 70 was there. I understood just about nothing, but the other North Americans that came with me did not understand much either. The talk I understood the most was Hna Dester's because she spoke in English while President Dester translated. I have to concentrate really hard to understand everything .

The next thing that happened in the week was on Friday Elder C came to our house. He does not have a companion, so he has been floating around the zone. We had him until Sunday afternoon. It was nice to have him there in the lessons because our investigators understood so much more. He explains just about everything. I try and teach the principle and he goes back over it. So Elder C stayed with us and that's why I slept on the floor. (I don't know if you got the picture) I took the little pad that is on top of my mattress put it on the floor and slept on that. I was not going to sleep with the beds pushed together, I would have been kicking people ( I kick while I sleep) and it would have been crazy hot. He left Sunday afternoon, and man that bed has never felt so good.

We have changes this Wednesday, We think that my companion is leaving. We find out tonight so you won't know until next week. I could be in a different place Wednesday night and you guys don't know.

We did not have dinner appointment Friday night so we went to the gated community in our area and ate at this little restaurant type thing for 30 minutes. I had grilled chicken and french fries. It cost $12.00 for 3 people, I don't think you could find that in the states.

I am not sure if I have said this but the ward has a lunch schedule and so Tuesday to Sunday we have lunch with members. It´s good, because without it, I don't think I would eat really any food. We had to cook one time this week and I did not know what I was doing... I can make scrambled eggs and cereal.

So have a good week people. Enjoy your day off, dad. Mom thanks for your email. Mike good luck with you DAT, I know you can do it. You are smart dude! Alyssa wants food - I mean the baby wants food, cookies, or browines. mmmmmmmmmmm. Well brando get a kiss. And I think nan is on her adventure or something, right? So be safe nan.

Love me bye! Talk to you next week!

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