Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 15, 2014

Q: Did you like the decorations we put on your last package? Dad sent this new one too fast and didn't let us color on it.
A: Yeah, I liked them. Dad just really wanted me to have it. I think it got here faster.

Q: Do you sleep good at night?
A: Sometimes. Most of the time I wake up between 4:00-6:00 AM, I crawl to the other side of the bed (where my feet were) and go back to sleep there.

Q: Can you believe it's already mid September?!
A: Yeah, I was thinking about that the other day.

Q: What is that red and silver hanging stuff by your window?
A: Christmas decorations.

Q. We're getting another package ready, anything you need/want from the USA?
A. I don't think I want any of the freeze dried food. I am really okay. We have lunch every day of the week (not Mondays) with members. It's just that most of the time I don't have dinner and when I am really hungry, I can buy 4 eggs for $0.60 and eat those with water or something. And If I really really really really am dying for something, I think I can find it here. You guys send whatever you like. I am thankful for all of it. Rope - just some sort of cheep/strong rope. There I thought of something. Like 25ft or something. Thanks!!!!

Q. How many notches are left on your belt?
A. I think 2 or 3...

Q. Do you feel like you're in kindergarten all over again on those yellow busses?
A. I just remember Matt never picked me up. :´(

Q. The missionaries are coming over Wednesday at 7, any advice for them?
A. No advice to you guys, be nice to them. Just kidding I know you will be.

Q.How are you?
A. I am doing just fine thanks, mom, how are you?

Q.Do you need anything?
A. No i am okay

So what to start out with. I love you guys. Thank you for writing me. Hello to all my fans on the blog. How can the blog be improved? Direct your comments and questions to alyssadawsonblog ´at´ Thank you.

So it's most of the same. Kind of. I am used to this place now I think. Only took me 2 months. And at this point I have 3 months in the mission. It's weird. I still remember walking through security at the airport and waving and all that stuff. It seems like it was a week ago.

Well, one of our new Investigators I have not told you about, is a family of 5, The dad and mom are the only of baptismal age, but that really doesn't matter. They have gone to church for three weeks in a row, so I hope good things continue to happen. They need to get married and that's a long process. We are hoping for the best. And we found him doing dad's favorite thing...service!!!!

Tomorrow we are going on exchanges. I will stay in my area, and Elder T. from Peru is coming to La Aldea. Exchanges are always fun.

Also I fell pretty hard one day. It had been raining one day and there was mud everywhere. My shoes don't really have traction, (they are old ones I wore before the mission) and right below my knee I hit a rock or something. I can walk though so It's okay.

I am also hoping I can buy some scripture cases from a member soon, he also makes rings. .925 Silver, and he will write your name and stuff on it. So if I get that stuff I will be sure to send pictures. Oh and today I saw the lady that ran for president a few years ago. It is Honduran independence day and she was talking in front of the Catholic church here in San Pedro. We are not allowed to be at political rallies or anything, so we just walked really fast through the crowd. And there were a lot of more military people there. I like looking at their M16s, they were probably used in desert storm, that's how old they looked. And they defefntly have bullets in them, I know because one guy had duel mags. (hahahahaha I am nerd)

But I think that's all so I am going to go.

Alyssa doesn't need any more baby clothing people! She wants food! Oh and Mom staying busy is good, both at home and here in the mission. Mike is going to be a dentist (ladies?) , but Brandon will be one first. Does mike graduate this December? or the next one? Mom and dad are you walking? Thanks for all you guys do for me. I love you all. Everyone is jealous that I have gotten two packages already!!! I hope you guys stay safe and that everyone is happy.

Bye. Love me the mostest.

 -Elder 20lbs lighter future Uncle Ty-D Coniam

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