Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 22, 2014

 Q: How is your leg?
 A: Fine there was just a little bruise, and no trouble walking.

 Q: How are your families you are teaching?
 A: The family. They keep on going to church, and he likes reading the Book
Of Mormon, so that's cool.

 Q: What time do you have to be in for the night?
 A: 9:00.  If the lights go and it's dark (like 7:30 PM) we have to go back to
 the house, no ifs ands or buts.

Q: How far do you have to walk from your house to the church building?
 A: It's like 2.5 minutes walking, 1.5 running, 35 seconds on a horse, 30 seconds in a
 car, 15 minutes in bus,  Skipping 2 minutes and 7 minutes on skis.

Q: Can you go on the roof of your house like Mike could?
A: No. Well yes, but I need a ladder...

Q: What do you eat for breakfast?
A: Cookies, Coke, sometimes eggs. most of the time I wait for lunch
with the member. I am going to buy pancakes and make those this week.

Q: How is your Spanish coming along?
A: It's good. I think I understand most of everything when I focus, but
 sometimes when I focus I still don't understand what they are saying. If
 you want me to talk about the church I can do that pretty easily. I could
 talk about Jesus all day long and share scriptures, but I can't hold a
 normal conversation. I am here to talk about the gospel so that's good, the
 second part will just come with time.

 Q: Is it going to get cold in Honduras?! Tomorrow is the first day of
 fall!!! Still in the 100's here in AZ
 A: It feels like the past week has been hotter than normal.

 Q: Is you knee all better from when you fell?
 A: I was only limping for 10 minutes after I fell, It's okay.

 Mike rember when I burned your foot? I am reminded of the time when I
 dumped boiling water on my brother every time I go to do my laundry. I
 figured out that when you hand wash your clothing in hot water it keeps
 more of the soapy smell after washing it. So when I pour the pot of water
 into my bigger bucket, I am reminder of when I dumped boiling water on my
 brother's legs and feet.

 Also, this week I felt like I was reminded how poor everyone here is. We asked
 one of our investigators why she did not come to church. She said it's
 because she does not have any shoes. One member can't pay for his $1000.00
 (20,000 Limps) stomach cancer surgery. Some people can't afford the bus to go
 to the stake center for an activity for $1.60.  And other people are losing their jobs. And some of these people are hard workers.

 I got a hair cut today it cost $2.00, Great Clips can't do that. And it
 looks better than any hair cut I have gotten at Great Clips. I think that
 some of these barbers here in Honduras could go to the US and charge a lot.

 Also if any of the school districts want bus drivers they should come here.
 They could reduce the number of busses needed because they are faster at
 driving, as well they can pack all the little kids in real good. But they
 will probably want to trick out their bus with a flat screen in the front
 so they can play music videos while they are driving. I am not lying, there
 are busses with flat screens in the front and they play music videos on
 them, others just blast music. Sometimes they raise some of the bus seats
 to put their giant base underneath the seat.

 The family (Familia T.) came to church again, were are going to try and
 have more lessons at the houses of members, and with members in general.
 But them getting married will take a long time. The need to get their
 birth certificate first. They need to go to the place that they were born and
 take out the papers. They need to pay for the bus there.
 Then they need to prove that they are not family. They use the birth
 certificates for that. Then pay 1000 Limps to get married and then wait 15
 days after everything is paid. and then they're married. The longest part
 will be getting the money for all these things. And we can't help in very
 many ways. They will be more committed members of the church if they raise
 the money themselves.

 Okay that's It, sorry no photos today.

 Thank you for all your letters, I love you and can't wait to write again
 next week. It will go by fast I promise! BYEEEEEEEEEE

 Elder Mean Muggin In A Bus Coniam

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