Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

So, where are you?
Same Place

Did you stay the same or move?

Did you get the second package?
Probably not until the end of the month will I get it!

Q: How's the weather down there? Any rain for you guys?
A: It rained every other day this week. Hot.

Q: How is church? Do they have the missionaries bear their testimonies on fast Sunday?
A: No, but I did

Q: Who do you miss the most? I know you are going to say me, but give someone else a chance this time...
A: Maggie, jk she is just a dog. I cant choose lyssa

Q: Have you drank the water there?
A: Yes the water out of the Big 5 gallon jugs.

Q: We don't think you get all of our emails so tell us whose email you received.
A: Mom, mike, dad, lyssa, Melissa.

Q: Did everything stay the same with transfers?
A: No I am with an elder from Nevada

Q: How many Dominicans are there in your mission?
A: 3ish not sure

Q: Do you teach an English class?
A: No

Q: Are the mosquitoes bad?
A: No I use my repellent every night before I go to bed

Q: Do you think you have lost or gained weight?
A: Lost around 20lbs. One of the sisters in the ward even noticed it.

So I have a new companion. Elder L. from Nevada. He is a month and a half younger than me, but has 10 months here in Honduras. So yeah. I have a picture but I will send them later. I don't have my card.

Oh well Tuesday we spent time saying goodbye to the members in the ward. They really love my trainer, they gave him gifts, they cried, everything. It was weird, because I will never see that in the mission again at least I don't think I will. On Wednesday we had changes -that's when I met my new companion.

Thursday Normal Until Friday Night Normal. Friday night we were invited to some party that was only members of the bishopric and their families. It was a BBQ so we had dinner and left. It was in one of the residential communities where It feels like you're in the United States.

Saturday Normal I love you all. Good job On the DAT, Mike. Keep on walking mom and dad. Study study study Brandon, and Lyssa just gets to eat for the next 5ish months.

Love, Future Uncle Elder Coniam

Fresco de PiƱa y fresa

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