Monday, October 13, 2014

Four Months - First Transfer

Q: What is your favorite day of the week?
A: Sundays,  You're just really happy because we sit in church for 3 hours, we have lunch at a member's house, and the next day is PDAY! And it's also nice to see investigators at church.  The ones that are really interested go to church. 

Q: Have you heard from Elder Smith?
A: Yeah, we write from time to time.

Q: Did you get the last package,the one with the picture in it? 
A: I have received two packages, I got your letter with the picture but not the package.

Q: What pictures did you want us to send to you as hard copies?
A: Me and my mosin, just printed out at home. 

Q: What do you do for two hours on the computer? 
A:  Write you guys, President Dester, download conference talks and put them on my usb so I can listen to them in the house.

Q: How many members are in your ward?
A: What is the attendance is the more correct question... Lots and lots of members, but usually 110 attendance each Sunday. It's a little like rocky point.

Q: Did you get to see Meet the Mormons? All of the missionaries here got to see it.
A:No, we have not heard much about it.

So I am not sure where to start. 

This week I did intercambios with Elder Lund, he came to Aldea this time. 

Well I just learned I am leaving, but I don´t know where so that's all I can think about...

Okay. This week I realized how as a missionary I look at everything as a long term perspective. I can see the decisions people make and predict how their life is going to turn out for them. Like some people let silly excuses keep them from going to church, some are just normal people, others are worse off. I tried to use this to warn a family that was recently baptized, they have not been to church in a while. I can see where their lives are going. By comparing their decisions with the decisions of others it's easy to see where they are going.

I can also see the blessing of the Law of Chastity. I won't go into specifics but  there are many babies being raised by babies. 

Well, I am a little sad I am leaving Aldea. It was a great place to start the mission. I have a lot of memories here, and a lot of people I will miss, but I think I have grown a lot here and if I want to grow more I need to move on. You only grow during the hard times.   I am going to choose to be happy because there are endless number of people and opportunities in my next area. 

Well, thank you for all your letters! I look forward to talking next week and I hope you are all safe and happy! I love you all!  

Love Me 
Elder Vagabond Coniam   

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