Sunday, October 12, 2014

General Conference October 2014

Q.Did you watch gen conf in English or Spanish?
A. Sat morning Spanish, Priesthood session half Spanish. Others in English.

Q.So did you see president Uchtdort? He and his wife were at the Tegucigalpa temple.
A.Like recently because no, and are you talking about the temple dedication?

Q.Did you seen all your rain up here? we are getting rain again for two days! 
A.It's not my rain mom... 

Q: Do you have a favorite part from Conference? 
A: Sunday morning was good

Q: How is the weather?
A: Hot.  Rain every now and again

Q: Are you gonna need a scarf this winter?
A: No, and I am never going to use the bennie that you made and I took

Q: Have you learned to make (food) anything else yet? 
A: Pancakes - I have pictures!

Q: Any new favorite food that you had this week? Or do you usually eat the same things?
A: Usually the same stuff

Q: What should we eat tonight at 8:00 & 9:00 so we eat at the same time?
A: M&Ms - that's a thing we both have! I have pictures of that too!

Okay I cant figure out photos on this computer! 

So this week was mostly normal until Friday. When I started thinking how weird it was being a missionary. Walking into strangers homes, people telling us about their problems, and I am 19 years old, I can hardly speak Spanish what do you want me to do. Its quite strange. And then people give us food for free, and buy us soda, and other stuff its definitely strange.

Then Saturday morning  we went to our ward to watch the conference in Spanish... Yeah I just downloaded those talks and I am going to listen to them in the house in English.  Then we went to the stake center for the rest of them.  We were late to Saturday afternoon because the buses. And half of priesthood session was in Spanish.

Now priesthood session was over at 8:00 PM we had about a 45 minute ride (by bus) back to Aldea. But what we did not know is the first bus we needed to get stopped running at 5:00 PM! Another elder told us that. So we really could not walk to where the other bus stops, because I don't know the area well enough and It's dangerous at night, and It was raining making everything worse.  So I thought we could go back in a taxi, but my companion did not want to pay that. So one of us was going to sleep in the ZLs house and the other in a different areas house. There was a member from our ward there but his car was full of people and there was no room for us. Then some random guy (member) asks how much it is for a taxi to Aldea. I say 150 Limps. He pulls out his wallet and we start saying no it's okay, you don't need to do this  But in English he responds ¨no elder you need to get home and take a shower, and be ready for tomorrow. I was a missionary once, I know what it's like¨ He was very set in his ways, so we let him pay for a Taxi. So we got home. I am still very thankful.

Then we got a ride to the stake center from someone in our ward Sunday morning, went back to have lunch with them, and returned with them for the afternoon. 
Thank you for all your letters. Love and miss you all very much! 

Elder Tyler Scott Coniam

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