Saturday, October 25, 2014

San Pedro Sula 2

So I am in the city. San Pedro Sula-2 is my area. There are 3 pairs of missionaries in my ward (San Pedro Sula Ward). And I live in the ZLs house, and my trainer, Elder R, is one of the ZLs in my house.

My area is partly rich and the other parts or apartments or businesses. So what happens a lot here is rejection. A lot of the people are a different religion.  All the houses have huge walls surrounding them - 15ft is average, some have barbed wires others have electrical wires.   And it's tough to get them to come to the door to talk to you. If someone comes out it is a person that works there. I entered the compounds of two houses that we contacted these 4 days. Compound as in inside the walls - we did not go into the house.  

The first few days people kept on avoiding us.   When they say rude things, I just say "good night" or "take care" to them. 

But one of the compounds we entered was a guy who more than anything wanted to practice English with us more than anything. So we gave a lesson in English and It was weird.  

My companion is Elder D. he was born in Arizona, but moved to Utah when he was five, and he had 8.5 months in the mission. He is also a ginger like me. Well I am kind of a ginger.

Q.   How did you feel about your first transfer?
A. I was a little scared. I have to learn a new area and I have a new comp, but everything is fine.

Q.  What actually happens on transfer day?
A. Everyone missionary goes to the church building that I just sent a picture of. The new missionaries sit on the stand. The missionaries that are ending their mission also. They bare their testimony (leaving missionaries) and then President talks a little bit. Then they go down the list of the changes. He says Elder X is leaving area Y and going to be a Senior comp, trainer, DL, or ZL, in this area with Elder Z.

Q.  Tell us about the people in the new are.
A. Well I don´t know too many people we do a lot of contacting - more on that later. I like that it's close to everything and the house is nice - pictures of the house soon.

Q: What will you miss most about Aldea?
A:  The people I have met.

Q: How's the cleanliness in your new place? Up to Tyler standard? 
A: It was messy when I got there, but we clean every Monday, and everyone washes their dishes after using them.

Q: Do you think that when you come home you will be messy like a missionary? Or will you still like things clean?
A: Messy like Mike - no.

Q:You are done with training right? It used to be 2 transfers and then you aren't a trainee anymore. 
A:  Yeah 12 week and then you are done

Q: When do you usually get called to be told you are being transferred? For me it was Sunday nights and then we left the area Tuesday morning.
A: Monday in the evening, and we go to the stake center Wednesday morning.

Q: Were you worried about leaving La Aldea?
A: sure a little

I got my package with the browie mix in it - mmmmmmmmmm. Thank you  very much!
Thank you for all your letters and I hope you all have a safe happy week.

Love Elder Coniam

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