Monday, November 17, 2014

Dental Clinic in SPS

Well, I surprised you guys this morning by writing early! This Afternoon the whole zone are going to do service in the stake center. For the next week the church building will be turned into a dental clinic for the future missionaries in and around San Pedro Sula. There are over 700 youth that will go through. Unfortunately we will not be pulling teeth, I really wanted to. We will be setting up the whole place I guess. 

So this week We taught more people, and as well looked for others. Kinda just a normal missionary week. One of the people we are teaching is a Part-member family, the kids are baptized and active but the parents are not. They want to be but the problem with almost every single family here in Honduras... they are not married. Its even more difficult for them because the husband is from Nicaragua, he needs to divorced inNicaragua, and then come back and get married here in Honduras. So we keep talking with them, but really everything is on their backs right now.

We are also teaching a lady that knows English perfectly. She really only wants answers from the bible, so yesterday when we taught the plan of salvation we taught every point of doctrine with scriptures from the bible backing them up. She is going to give us baleadas on Friday. Also I do not have a single picture of me eating baleadas so I will get on that. 

Well I think that's all I can think of.

Q: did you hear about the temple dedication?
A: Not until today, but I figured it happened.

Q: when you are walking around do all the Hondurans stare at you because you are so tall?
A: No, more because I am a gringo. 

Q: what is your favorite part about being a missionary?
A: I don´t really worry about myself. We are always busy. I fall asleep real easily. 

Q: do you love Spanish music now!?
A: They don't really play too much music in San Pedro Sula.  They play more music outside I guess like Aldea . And We don't really take any buses here we just walk. And you hear the most music in the bus.

Well that's all.
Thanks for your letters. I love you all! Talk to you in 37 days.... Oh yeah November is half way over now. How crazy is that!

Love me more,
Elder ¨Normal¨ Coniam

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