Saturday, November 8, 2014

October 27, 2014

Q: What do you normally eat in a day?
A: I usually have a packet of cookies - I'll take a picture of them, some times I will make eggs and other time nothing!

Q: What are the crossroads you live on?
A: Go to google maps, and go to my church building. North of the church building Barrio Los Andes and Barrio Santa Ana and to the east of those names on lds maps.

Q: Do you go to the church building on Tuesday nights? (The kid I know says that he is there playing basketball on Tuesday nights)
A: No the church building is not in are area...

Q: How is the Spanish?
A: I don't feel like it's going anywhere, because I have had two gringo comps for the last two changes, but it's not like it's their fault but...

Q: Has anyone let you in their house yet?
A: Yeah, but it was when I was doing intercambios. It was still the rich area, the house was really nice.

Q: Have you found a new good place to eat? Do they have lots of American food in the city?
A: There is a lot of fast food.

Q: Do you guys have to stay inside for Halloween?
A: No here it's Day of the dead. And well everyone is off of work and school for three days. 

Q: Do they have any Thrifty s in your areas?
A: No, but there is a circle K there is another type of ice cream shop as well.

Q.  Did you like those brownies?
A.   Yes. they are good!

What else can I send you?
Don't worry I am good.

So week 2 in San Pedro Sula. 

I am  trying to remember what we did this week. We contacted a lot of people and I am getting kinda tired of that. We had citas set up with people, but a lot of them just fall. So we just go contacting afterwards.  We did not have too many people yell at us this week, so that was nice.  I think working in San Pedro Sula is different than the rest of the mission. We would go contacting for one day in Aldea, and we could fill up the entire week with citas. Here we go contacting for a week and fill up two days worth of citas. I am pretty sure that there are  a lot of other missions that are worse, at least people listen to us, and some let us back. I know there are missions where 10 lessons a month might be normal. Just trying to be thankful.

I did divisions on Saturday, that was when someone let us into the house.  It was raining pretty hard when we rang the door bell. They opened the door, we talked for like 30 seconds and they asked if we wanted to come in. I thought that they meant just in their garage port where the rain would not get us but they let us in the house.  It was an old grandma, her granddaughter (20) and great grandson (2). The house was crazy nice. 

The other lesson this week that sticks out in my mind is the lesson Sunday night. It was another one in Spaglish, but with a different person. They woman, said that she feels the same way that Joesph Smith felt and we asked her to say the closing prayer she did, and but she cried during it. I have not really had a person cry in a lesson yet. Yeah, I just hope everything will work out. 

Okay.  So I can't  think of that much else to say. 

Did you guys see some church video with garments and temple clothing? The video was made by the church. 
Thank you for your letters I am glad you are all safe and well. Watch out for that Ebola! 

Love Me, 
Elder Coniam

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