Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pictures - lots of pictures

Breakfast and/or Dinner
Bag O'Water

Q: Did you do anything for Dia de los muertos?
A: Well, we went to Johnny Rockets. My companion, I , and other companionships that did not have dinner went there at 8.00 PM. And that was fun.

Q: How often do you have interviews with President Dester?
A: Every 3 Months.

Q: How was Halloween? Does anyone dress up?
A: No, it  has a bad connotation here.

Q: What do you like most about your new area?
A:  I live in a house with another companionship

Q: When do you have Stake Conference? 
A:  Not sure to be quite honest

Q: Do you hear American music when you go into the stores?
A: Yes, mostly the American restaurants on P-Day

Q: Have you seen any Tina dogs down there?
A: No, they are all gross mutts here.

Q: Do the Elders in you mission call home for Christmas or Skype?
A: Yes they can you Skye to call home, some do others don't. I don't know what I want to do yet. calling just seems easier.

Q. How was day of the dead?  Any crazy stuff? 
A. Above, nothing to crazy, just trying to figure out if the loud booms were gun shots or fireworks was the crazy part.

Q. What was that food? Chicken and peppers?
A. Pollo con tejadas! It's super good! Basically chicken with french fries.

Q. Do you have any new foods you like?
A. No,  we eat most of the same. 

Q.What was the worst?
A. A lot of citas fell.

Q.  Do you see the Desters often?
A.  No only really at the change meetings.

Q.  Did the Cowboys win or the Cardinals?
A. Cowboys

Cheers to a good week!

Okay well good bye to another week.
So I start today and work backwards. 

Monday- We played soccer at a covered court with the zone. It was turf so it was not bad for you knees and stuff.  And before that I washed my clothing, that's a two hour process every P-Day

Sunday- We woke up and it was pouring. And Hondurans really hate the rain, so none of our investigators showed up and only a little bit of members showed up.  We also met our (LPE) goal, we talked with at least 100 people
about the church this week. 

Saturday- We started a fast, after having Domino's pizza.   And in reality this day was the worst. every last cita fell, we only went to one. This day also people we avoiding us like crazy. One guy did a horrible job at hiding, so we just left. Another ran inside his house when he saw us coming. So it was funny and sad at the same time.

Friday- All that I really remember about this day is that  we met a 92 year old man that served in World War II!  He started to speaking to us in English, and so we asked where he learned English. He was born in San Pedro Sula to an Irish dad and a Honduran mom. He went to America when he was 18 to fight. His dad had taught him a little bit of English growing up.  And he came back 10 years after the war. And we went to Johnny Rockets for dinner.

Thursday- More citas fell.

Wednesday- cant remember - too long ago. 

Tuesday- how am I going to remember that if I can't remember Wednesday.

I don't feel like I am forgetting anything. 

Thank you for your letters I love you all very much!

Love ME,
Elder Coniam

Tyler's Desk
One Not So Tired Elder
One Tired Elder

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