Monday, November 24, 2014

The Spanish Jokester

Well, there is a bunch of questions today.... 15 in total. I guess it's better then none!

Q: How quick do you get Dear Elder letters?
A:I don´t know because I have never received one...

Q: Is it getting cold there?
A: We it rains its cold because we are wet... but no its still hot when the sun is out.

Q: Have you met any more Dominicans?
A: The only Dominicans I have met are missionaries...

Q: What is some Honduran slang?
A: Wirro- Little Kid
    Zipote- Young Adult
    Ma o Meno- Mas o Menso
    Si Hombree- Even the women say ¨yeah man¨ to each other.  
    Checke- Everything's good, or something like that
Q: What are you going to eat for Thanksgiving?
A:Yeah - We don't know yet... I will be sure to take a picture.

Q: What Black Friday deals are there in Honduras?
A: There is a store here owned by Walmart, and they had their sales on the 15th of November. But other than that there is none.

Q.   How did the dental project go?    Was it just for the week?
A. It's still going on. We went in there one day because someone gave us a reference. And it was so weird to think that gringos can't speak Spanish. They had us talk to some lady for them and it was just funny more than anything. It's still going on until Tuesday. And also Brando probably knows more than some of these Americans... because they are not even dental students. We were talking to some of them and the're like ¨Oh my major is business.¨ They are just the helpers though not the dentists.

Q.  Do you remember where you and dad went to Thanksgiving dinner a couple years ago?
A. McDonald's.

Q.  How many miles has your bike been ridden since you've been gone?
A. Zero, because nobody is going to touch my bike unless they fix it first! And that's only because I don´t want any of you to get hurt. And I hope it's still in the garage.

Q.   Any cold nights yet?
A. No.  Well a few weeks ago, but more recently no.
Q: do you like the people?
A: Yeah... what kind of question is that?

So this week has been a rainy one. Tuesday started out with the rain, the streets turned into rivers. Drainage system is not really a word here, so there was a bunch of traffic everywhere. Cars were driving the wrong way, I just wish I had my camera. The fun thing about that is that we were in a taxi, and when I say fun it does not mean it was fun. We basically got robbed. We were going to a lunch cita, but the taxi could not cross a road that would get us to the member's house. So we said just drop us off at our house. We are not going to sit in the taxi all day long. He says okay, but I ask how much, and he says ¨nothing because we did not get to the place you guys wanted.¨. I ask if he's sure, he says yes. Okay. We arrive and he says 80 Limps. Elder D gave him 70, because 70 was the original price. But I was super mad after that.  I was so mad.  Then at our next cita with some older man named Luis made me feel happier, because he can't even walk, and I can. So it made me be more thankful.

The next day we went to immigration. I saw some people from the MTC, it was pretty cool. I thought I would never see them again.  We were there for 1.5 hours and then the lights went out. So we waited another 1.5 house for them to come back on but that did not happen. So we went back on Thursday, and sat there another 4 hours. We got a ride from the office elders so that was nice. And I also went there with Elder Valdez, on of my ZLs because my companion Elder D was sick. So when we got back at 5:00 PM we just stayed in the house. 

Then the rest of the week was good. We got new investigators, taught some good lessons. And put some baptismal dates with people. 

Oh yeah. Our church building has a bunch of dental stuff in it so we could not have church there, so we went to a different building. And I gave my talk. My talk was about the promises of keeping convents. I was able to get everyone to laugh at the start, so I would say It went pretty good.

Thanks for writing me peeps! You guys are my biggest fans! And I love you so much. And In 31 days we will be talking. Me and Mike are going to make fun of you guys (mostly Alyssa) in Spanish. I have already been thinking about what I am going to say. Love you sis!  

I think that's about it. I love you all. Be safe, buy some cool stuff this Friday. Who cares about Thursday it's all about Friday. Then tell me what you have bought! 

Love me more than the entire world,
Elder Spanish Joke Maker Coniam

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