Monday, December 8, 2014

Broken Ankle?

First Off. Happy Birthday Grammy! You now are 45 years old. Wow How Young!

So we had a Multi-Zone conference this week. They talked about family history, we sang a lot of the Christmas songs in the hymn book and we just listened to talks about the life of Christ. We also had a really good lunch. As well after we finished, Hna. Dester had brownies and ice cream waiting for us. They were so good. I just wish I could have ate the whole pan of the brownies. 
Wednesday was a normal day, fallen citas and everything. But that's okay. 

Thursday we went to the doctors for my Elder Shumway, not for me (yet). We went to Doctor Arguelles, the first counselor in the stake presidency. The man who paid for our taxi back to La Aldea late one night after conference. I did not mention it to him. I did not know what to say. But we did talk about how dumb health care is in America (health care, regulations, ect ect), and how he would never be a doctor there. When we were done with that we went to missionary coordination meeting and so we did not have the opportunity to work on Thursday. Kinda Sad. I also ate bad food Thursday night. Bad meat. I still want to vomit every time I think about the food.   As of result of the bad food this is what happened Friday morning from 1:00 am to 5:00 am was not pretty. 

I was in bed all morning.  We did leave at 2:00 PM to work though. It was kinda tough, but I was glad we left. 

Then Saturday morning we went to another multi-zone meeting. There we learned about family history work. I guess they have convinced me that it's pretty important. I just thought it was something that is good for us to do etc etc. One of the points I like the best from their speech/presentation thing was that, If one convert gets interested in family history work, we are not only helping the convert as missionaries we are helping  their ancestors, which are numbered in the 1,000s ( I guess, maybe more). 

Then Saturday afternoon we were walking around going to contact houses (fallen citas) when I was talking to Elder Shumway, not looking at the sidewalk. There is like a metal sheet covering a water switch, but this metal sheet has been bent in a good six inches, it looks like cars have driven over it. I did not know there was a six inch hole in the ground, so I step normally, but then my ankle takes the fall. Crack Crack Pop Pop Pop. Owwwwwwww! Owwwwwww! I screamed. Elder Shumway thought I was joking, because I got up super fast and started trying to walk around.  We took a taxi back to the house. We were super far away from the house.  Then Saturday night the nurse said we had to get an X-ray ( How much did that cost? How long did we wait to get it done?) . Everything is fine with my foot I only need time to let it heal. 

We went to church, a lot of people asked what happened. We had investigators show up to church. Pretty cool. The nurse said I had to rest so we did not go out on Sunday. We did go to the Christmas special. and one of the investigators that could not go to church went to that so that was super cool when he showed up. He gave us a ride back to our house in his car. 
WOW! I still need to do questions.

Q.   How long ago did we last replace the hot water heater?
A. 2 Weeks mom told me.

Q.  Do you take cold or hot showers in SPS?
A. cold

Q.  Do we take cold or hot showers in Glendale, Az?
A. cold for a few days, and then hot again

Q.   Who does a better job helping mom put the garland up on the banister, Tyler or dad?
A. Tyler, what did mom say dad. Did she hurt your feelings? It's tough for one person to do it all you need to do is hold the garland.

Q.  How many dogs does nana have now?
A. 9 Dogs 3 Cast 4 Fosters

Q.  Did Alyssa and Brandon get a puppy?
A. No she is going to pop in a month why would the get a puppy

Q.  Is grandpa getting remarried again?
A. No Take that question out!

Q: Do you have Christmas decorations in your house?!
A: No, a member is going to give the other elders a tree or something. '

Q: When are you gonna call us?!?!?!
A:  The 25th probably in the morning or I don't know.  16 Days what the heck!

I think that's all.   I hope the shower went well - sounds like it did. Good luck with other stuff. (whats that mean) I love you all and I will talk to you soon.


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