Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bus Crash Survivor 12 29 14

Well, I enjoyed talking to you guys this past Christmas. I am happy we used Skype!

The days following Christmas some cool things happened and as well I have a story for those who don't know that I was in a bus crash, but first the questions.

Q: Did you get to eat after we talked?
A: Yes.  I ate cold pizza.

Q: Did you do anything special on my birthday!?
A: I thought about how special you are...

Q. What day did the bus accident happen?
A. December 17th 2014. 

Q. Did you get any pizza that night? What did you do later that night?
A. Pizza yes. I broke the key to our front door, and then we walked around the lonely streets of San Pedro Sula, because nobody was outside...

Q: Is it heartless for mom, dad, and Lyssa to all cry but Brandon and me to not cry after you hung up?
A: No

I guess I will start with the bus crash. My family already knows about this - I told them over Skype. I just want to tell everyone else now! 
So on the 17th of December at 1:20ish we were going back to our house from lunch. My companion and I want to take a bus. So we walk to where we can get on one. The first bus comes by full - we did not want to stand up in the bus (my head is turned at a 75 degree angle every time we are in a bus because they are made for short people). So we wait 15 seconds and we see another one we can take. This one is going pretty fast, but that's normal so whatever.  We can sit down in this one.  We get on. We are about to pass the bus that was full but it comes to a stop at the intersection. The bus driver of our bus thinks he can beat a coming car and speeds up. 

We enter the intersection.  Three-fourths of the bus makes it though before it gets hit. I remember the car's horn and a woman's scream. I said to myself, "This is really happening.  It's not a dream." I see gray for a split second and next thing I know I am on the ground next to my companion. I check my head for blood, nothing. I ask my companion "ELDER ARE YOU OKAY?". He responds yes. We stand up and my companion says "Hey we need to help this guy."  The bus worker was standing in the door during the crash and now his arm was under the bus. I thought we could lift the bus maybe a little bit just to get his arm out. We tried and then stopped for a little bit. I stood up and saw my companion's pack on the ground. I reach down to pick it up. A women with a baby is standing behind me screaming "Leave! Leave!" I stepped out of the way to let her through. She and her baby of 18 months had blood running down their faces. 

We try to help the man with his arm under the bus again. This time we are lifting and it's working, but it's only because there are a lot of people on the outside lifting along with us. My companion and I are standing where the broken out windows are so the bus is lifted over us. My companion asks me to grab his backpack, I do.  We push our way through the crowed lifting the bus. I was scared that they were going to drop it, so I kinda just lowered my shoulder to get past the people. On the outside there is a woman that says "Elders, you're okay, you're okay.  God is protecting you." We see a taxi the next avenue up and we get in it and go back to the house. 

At 4:30 President Dester and his wife come to our house, pick us up and take us to the Hospital Del Valley. We were good.  The doctor prescribed  two scripts and said that we should rest. Then after the doctor, we went to Wendy's with President Dester and Hna Dester. They are great people!

Now back to this week.

On Friday we went to La Primavera as a zone - a number of houses burned down on Christmas day so we went to help. We helped take food and water out of a truck and we put it in a school. The families don't have anything right now except the clothing on their back and their lives. It was a really sad thing. 

The next day, Saturday a lot of citas fell so we took out a list of all the members in our area. 

I think that's it! Thanks for all your letters family. I hope you have a happy new year! Stay safe! I love you all and will talk to you next week!

Elder 3... 2... 1... Coniam 

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