Monday, December 22, 2014

December 15, 2014

Q: Mom made your geo juice for the missionaries for dinner last night, do you think they drank it?
A:  They should have drank it. It's good.

Q: Lyssa is as fat as: a) rhino b) hippo c)cow d) elephant
A: E. Killer Whale! Freeeeeee Willllllyyyyyyy!

Q: Do you buy Honduran or American soap?
A: Do I buy? I am not sure. I just get the cheep stuff. It works - well at least I hope.

Q: Any more info on what time we get to talk to you?
A: Pres. Dester said we could talk on the 24th the 25th the 26th, he just wants us to talk to our family. My companion is going to do his on the 24th. I want to do it Christmas breakfast, but I don't think we can  because we have weekly planning in the morning that day. You guys should call the 25th at  1:30 PM your time 2:30 PM my time. My number is... 

Q: How many pounds do you think the baby weighs (right now, or will weigh on Friday)? 
A: 4.5 Pounds

Q: Did you eat at a member's house last night? Mom and dad had the missionaries over for dinner again. (: 
A: I had a snack - more on that latter.

Q: How is that ankle?
A: Still a little inflamed. And still a little bit of pain.

Q: Do you still do as much walking?
A: Yes, just about.  There is not really much time to rest...

So Tuesday was cool. I got a package from the Dickson family. The first thing I thought was ¨Yes! the letter is going to be in there!¨The letter was there and as well a ton of other stuff, so thank you to the Dickson family. I'll send a photo next week of all the things they sent. We also had a district meeting and everything super normal. 

Everything was really normal the first few days. Fallen citas, walking and talking. Then we did enter into this old Catholic lady's house and we talked about the El es la dadvia thing. She said she would never change. But she did have a super nice house, and gave us some strawberry drink that was cool I guess. It's still raining here by the way. 

Then on Friday we had the ward Christmas dinner! One of our investigators came with his family. They loved it. Which was great. The farther said his wife was a little apprehensive about coming but I guess they loved it. 

Then on Saturday we contacted in the central park of San Pedro Sula with the whole district this time. That was fun.  There  is more people to talk there so that's why we do it sometimes. But around 11:30 a political demonstration started so we had to leave. We also had Stake conference this weekend. There was the priesthood session and then there was a ward council one. So we had 4 hours of meeting Saturday night. Good rest for my ankle. 

Then Sunday morning, we got to listen to President and Hermana Dester talk to the stake, so that was cool to listen to them. We then did some cool lessons in the afternoon. We went to a cita a little early ( 15 Minutes ) and were told that the parents we not home (same Christmas party family)  So the members that live across the street saw us and invited us into their house to have Rice with milk. It sounds gross but it's super good. It has cinnamon in it also. And that was the food I got from a family Sunday night. But the guy called us to say he was home. So we left and went back and had a really good lesson. They then drove us back to the house in their car, the whole family together. So that was fun, no walking!!!!!!! 

I think that's about it. Talk to you later, really though TALK to you later.

Bye guys thanks for all your letters!

I love you all!
Elder Tyler SCOTT Coniam

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