Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from SPS Honduras

                                                        Merry Christmas from Honduras

Bus Crash

Tyler made brownies

The cat's back

The Dickson Box

The King of All Brownies

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So wow this week was just about normal...

Well, first on Tuesday I made brownies and I shared them with the district. We ate them while the district leader talked about service. Then later that day we did divisions with the ZLs - I went with Elder Cañi from Perú. He is a good missionary and it was fun to go to our area for the day with him. 
It was just a normal week really.
I guess my convert, J,  might move to a different house. He has lived without a bathroom and running water for 5 months.  He wants to find a new house with those two things. 

Saturday the whole district helped paint a house. So we did not finish the first day so we are hoping that when we return we can finish the painting. 

That's really It... we will talk on Thursday so that's cool. I hope you guys have your questions ready. I will also be opening the remaining gifts on the phone! I was thinking last night I could follow with Coniam Family tradition and just open all the gifts 4 nights early but I think I will wait until we can be talking on the phone...!

Q: How much time do you get to talk?
A: Not sure I will learn tomorrow, and tell you on Thursday...                                           

Q: What time should we call exactly?
A: We are doing lunch as a zone at 12:00 and we will finish around 1:45 PM. So 2:10ish. This is all in Honduras time, 1 hour in front of you guys. 

 And if it all does not work we can do it a different day ( It should. I don't know why it would not.) President Dester said the important thing is that you talk to your family, not the day you call. 

So short letter, I hope that's okay. I will talk to you guys on Thursday. I love you all, be safe. And remember the true meaning of Christmas - presents!     Jesus too!

Elder HoHoHo Coniam 

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