Saturday, January 17, 2015

Baby Week?

Q:What will be the baby's weight?
A: 6 Pounds 8 Ounces 

Q: What are the chances that I can get the birth certificate to say Michael Tyler Dawson?
A: Really High! because if it's not I will never talk to her!

Q: How many beds does Maggie have in the house now?
A: 4 Beds, well counting mine, 5!

Q: Who is the loudest snorer in the house?
A: Maggie

Q.  What day will baby X be born?
A. Friday

Q.   What time of the day will she be born?
A. Night

Q.   What will be her height and weight?
A. 6 Ft 5 In taller than me!

Q.  Should mom open up a little girls clothing store?
A. No but you guys could sell all the girls clothing - she only needs 31 days of clothing and maybe 4 different Sunday dresses!

Q.  Pack, Hawks?  Colts, Patriots?
A. Cowboys! Oh wait..... um I don't care any longer... which team do I hate the least, colts...

Q.  Should Michael buy lunch for dad when he comes downtown for school?
A. Go to Potbellys and remember me! Buy me my meal, put it in my place. But you guys cant eat it! when you are done throw it all away. It's like you're eating with Ty. Or Mike could eat smart points (what are they called, smart ones right?) in dads office with him!

So normal week. I did not have changes.  I did complete 7 Months!!!!!! Wow time flies by! 

I was able to see some people from my area this week in church and just walking around. We were walking through central, when Hna Gurrera came up to me and my companion and said hi! It was super cool. I also saw some others and one said my Spanish is a lot better. So that's good.

It really was a normal week. We contacted, got yelled at. Most people just say ¨Its the same God so why does it matter what church you go to¨, and no matter what you say they don't understand. Some people are nice and listen but that's a hard thing to come by here. So maybe we will be able to have a lesson with at least one of them.  

I talked to a Muslim this week. She went to New York as and exchange student and converted to Islam while she was there. She speaks English also. I just thought it was interesting, she is the only Muslim in her family and hardly ever goes to the mosque, there is one here in San Pedro Sula.

I talked to Elder Lyon this week, he said that R, H and their family are still going to church, they just need money to get married. The ward did try to help but it was not enough. R told Elder Lyon before he left, ¨All the work that you and Elder Coniam did will not go to waste - we will be baptized.¨  So that's cool. I hope I will be able to see them again some day.

I think that's it.
Elder Future (this week!) Uncle of alien baby, Coniam! 

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