Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year January 5, 2015

Last week I forgot to mention that we went to the Coca-Coal. Our investigator wanted us to go with him. We went with the Zone Leaders and it was pretty fun. The Coca-Coal is a Hollywood type sign that they have here in San Pedro, but it just says Coca-Coal and flashes with LEDs at night. So that was fun!

Now this week, questions first.

Q: Did you see the video I sent last week
A: Yes the baby kicked...

Q: Any prediction on when the baby will be born?
A: This week!

Q: Any more bus crashes?!
A: No

Q.   Transfer or no transfer?
A. I don't know yet and look like you guys wont know until next week!

Q.  Cardinals still in playoffs?   Cowboys still in playoffs?
A. Mike said the cardinals lost, and the Cowboys barely won.

Q.  Any more bus crashes, ankle sprains, or other exciting things we need to know about?
A. Thankfully no.

Q.  How was New Years?
A. Loud.  It sounded like the city was getting bombed!

Q: What did you do for New Years?
A: We came home early and went to bed. Well we did go to the ward mission leader's house.

So this week we had some fun. I don't know what that means...

Elder S is now the DL. Our last DL got sent to the office. They always go a little early to be trained in the ways of the office. So yeah that's cool I guess. Then we had new years eve and that was weird, not too many people were at their houses. So a bunch of citas fell. But at 5:30 Pm we went to the ward mission leader's house. We had chicken sandwiches and everything - it was pretty cool. Then we did the ward mission thing, and then went home at 7:00 because we had to be in our houses early.

Then new years day was a ghost town. We were walking down the streets as the only people. Really there was nobody else. I wish I had my camera to take a picture of the streets. It was pretty tough to do anything, everyone was gone.

Then Friday we went to a doc for my companion's ankles. I got sick from all the people that were jammed into a room there. The doctor is a Stake President, so he was super nice with us. He had Liahonas in the waiting room and there was a lady reading one. I started to talk to her. She said she loved the magazine. The Doctor let her have it, and I was able to get her information. 

Also my convert, J, moved to Choloma. So unless I go there for one of my areas I wont see him ever again. kinda sucks, but you can't do much. I just hope he continues to go to church.

So I think that's it, nothing too exciting, But that's probably a good thing - all the exciting things that happen seem to put my life in danger, so I am okay with that.

Stay safe, I love you and hope that you have your child lyssa. I also hope that brandon can 
see her birth and is not at school. Thanks for all your letters I love you all very much!

Elder (Future Uncle) Coniam

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