Saturday, January 31, 2015

Uncle Ty - Super Bowl Sunday

Q: How lame is the Superbowl going to be? It is the Patriots vs Seahawks soooooo lame!
A: Really Lame ! Even more because they are playing in U PIG! (University of Phoenix stadium In Glendale)

Q: How fast did mom leave the house after Brandon sent the text saying Hazel was here?
A: She took her time to do her hair!

Q: What should Maggie get for her birthday?
A: A new bed, and maybe a toy to chew on. Has she meet baby Hazel?

Q:How are your living arrangements?
A: Good.  The Desters are really good at keeping us in nice houses.

Q:How is the language going for you?
A: Just fine

Q:Do you have many investigators?
A: This area is different than most I feel like. It's harder to get investigators here. People that live here are always working and the other thing is that most of them don't want to listen to us. We have a good amount of investigators.

Q:How is the weather?
A: If the sun is out, super hot.  If it's cloudy, really nice.

Q: do you think we had a baby this week?
A: Hna Dester called me Friday morning and said that Alyssa gave light! (that's a Spanish phrase)

Q: how are your people!? I forget, did you tell us about Michael again?
A: LET MY PEOPLE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh Investigators, they are good.

Q: has it gotten any colder there!?
A: Yes, but as soon as the sun comes out its hot.

Q: did you play soccer today!?
A: No we hiked the Coca-Cola wtih the zone.

So I hope everything is going well with the new family member. Hna Dester called me Friday morning and said  Hazel was born last night at 5:00 PM ish. So that's fun! Right Guys! So hats off to Grandma and Grandpa! As well Lyssa and Brando are now parents, may god bless them, because they need it. Just kidding,  

So this week was normal. But We did eat a birthday cake and someone said they want to be baptized...

On Tuesday we had our district meeting, I made brownies again. I have one bag left, I went back to see if they had them at the store, but they were all gone. So I have one bag left and I don't plan on sharing them... 

So it was my companion's birthday yesterday. We went to Hna C's ( a recent convent) house and she gave us cake. It was pretty cool. 

The days started to be hot again, but today it was cloudy so it was pretty nice. 

As well this week we met a member that has a business in our area. He is 25ish and has recently returned from his mission in Mexico. He has a herbal life shop, and said that he would give us a free shake day next week. I think we will be having dinner next week!!!!!!!!!!!

As well Hno Doglus T. our investigator (guy in the blue shirt in the other pictures) came to church again. He showed up early for a baptism that did not happen, because the woman got sick. But everything was okay, while he was there he said that he thinks he will be baptized, so we just need to work with his wife, and then everything will be great! In fact we were able to have the ward mission leader and his wife come over for one of the visits!

During Sunday school and the 3rd block, all the adults where together. We watched a video presentation from the Area Presidency. One talked about Tithing, the other family history and the other scripture study. They all did these things in their homes. It was like there was a camera in a family home evening of all of the presidency. 

So today we went to the Coca Cola, it was super nice out. And this time I brought my camera so I could take pictures, it kinda stinks that there were clouds in the way, but hey what can you do.

Happy Birthday Hazel, reach for the stars baby!!!! hehehe get it, BABY! As well happy birthday to Maggie May, the best dog in the world, she is a little old now but she is still cute... I miss you Maggie, and I don't know Hazel so I cant miss her, but she  seems cool.

I think that's all. I will talk to you next week. I hope you all stay safe. As well thank you for all the pictures and letters! I will talk to you guys next week!

Love me,

Elder Officialy Uncle Coniam

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