Thursday, January 22, 2015

Waiting to become an uncle

Q.Anything exciting happen this week?
A. No.

Q.Do you need anything?
A. No

Q. Will Mike get married before you get home?
A. No

Q.  Will baby X get here before you get home?
A. No

Q.  Will the backyard be done before you get home?
A. No, you guys wanted to redo the backyard 5 years ago

Q.  How do you get all your laundry done for  a week in half a day?
A. It takes me two hours to do a week of laundry, It drys in the sun all day.

Q.  Are your shirts white or dingy white?
A. dingy white

Rainy weather, new investigators, interviews with President Dester

Well, on Tuesday I made brownies again... that was fun! Later that afternoon we had interviews with President Dester. Sister Dester was there as well. They are both super nice!

 Wednesday I can't really remember what we did. I think we got frosties at circle K at one point, because we were by the Circle K so we stopped in for 5 minutes!

Thursday morning I got my blurry vision thing again. I got a migraine afterwards, so I just napped for 12:00 until 1:45. I woke up and it was better and we were able  to leave. We found out that night during the ward mission meeting that they are going to release our mission leader. He has been super nice to us and is really helpful. So we will miss him. 

On Friday we were able to work with a few members. We got 2 references that day. One of them is for a 14 year old named... Ml!!!!!!!!! He is living with members (his family) in our area and he went to church on Sunday as well so that's good. The other investigator is J, his friend is in her mission in Mexico, and she was the one who gave us the reference. Jonathan is 19 years old and works at a call center which mean he speaks English perfectly. So that's cool. 

On Saturday we went to a house that we contacted the past week. They said we could stop by Saturday or Sunday in the afternoon, so we went there, and they all come out to say hi. It turns out that they were leaving. 

We were able to have some new investigators show up to church for the first time, they really enjoyed it. And nothing crazy happened in church... oh wait. The ward secretary passed out in the middle or the last hymn. It was super weird, he went limp and then people started freaking out, but we finished the song and the guy is still alive -- a win- win-win (The Office quote) 

I think that's it really. I cant wait to see my new favorite family member next week, but If she comes out a ginger I won't want to see her that much. We don't need more gingers in the world. Good-bye. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. Alyssa when there is a lot of pain think of me and it will replace all your pain with love!  

I love you all! Stay safe!

Elder ¨I am waiting to become an uncle¨ Coniam

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