Sunday, February 15, 2015

Eight Months

8 Months! that's pretty crazy huh!

Q: Who held Hazel the whole time they were over?
A: Maggie

Q: How many outfits does Hazel go through in a day?
A: 15

Q: How late were we able to keep food from Maggie this week?
A: 3:00 Pm

Q how are you!?
A: I am fine.

Q any cool weather yet!?
A some days yes some days it's not.

Q find more brownies!?
A no

Q do I send you too many pictures!?
A no

Q.  Who does a better job mowing the grass, Mike or Ty?
A. mike

Q.  Who cleans up better after mowing the grass, Mike or Ty or dad?
A. dad

Q.  Santa Barbara or NYC?
A. Santa Barbara Honduras is a really nice place that you would love to go to...

Q.  Three different vehicles, three different shop days, how many Limps?
A. 20,000

Q.  Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
A. They are the same really...

Q.  Alot or a lot?
A. Alot.
So this week was a lot like the others. Not much is really different. We look for people and they don't want to listen to us. We had alot of fallen citas. I think I have contacted 95% of all the houses in the area. Most people just say oh another day, or no I am such and such... But you need to be positive!!!! Chose to be happy! and all that stuff.
On Thursday we went on divisions with the ZLs. I went with Elder Daniles to our area. He kinda has the same hair and skin as brandon, so when he first came here I wanted to call him Elder Dawson. I even called him Elder Dawson a few times when he was first here.
On Sunday we talked about prayer. The teacher gave an example on why we should not be repetitive  in our prayers. What if you had a friend, but he said the same five things to you over and over again. Day after day you go to talk to your friend and he just says the same things. Would you still want to listen to him? That is what a repetitive prayer is like.
Sorry that I don't have much more to write about.
Why do I feel like lyssa thinks that Hazel is just like a toy doll? Heheheehe Just kidding lyssa.
Have fun everyone, stay safe, I love you and I will talk to you next week.

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