Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy President's Day

¿Rosa Amor? - But first the questions!

Q.How are you cutie!?
A. I am good.

Q.Did you get transferred!?
A. I don´t know until tonight.

Q.Still sleeping good!?
A. Yeah normal.

Q.   Did you wish President Dester Happy President's Day?
A. yes right after you told me to do it.

Q.  Are you packing your bags for a move?
A. I don't now if I am going to leave... 

Q.  Are you ready to move to a new area?
A. who said I have a new area... do you guys know the changes before me, and the ZLs? tell me where I am going!

Q.  Did you get our package?
A. Yes last Tuesday thank you for everything! My family loves me and the tie is pretty cool!

Q.How late do you think Mike stayed out?
A. What's the curfew when you're 22 years old...? 

Q.Why would it not be a good idea to stay out that late?
A. Because you might get robbed, Honduras is a dangerous place. OR everything good happens after 12:00 AM...

Q. What am I going to do with him?

Another normal week. We did have some new investigators show up to church and we did get to have some good lessons during the week.

I got the box - thanks for everything. I think I have just about ate everything already... except the socks and the tie. 

Wednesday morning we helped take paint off a wall, we did that with the Zls. The hermana gave us cake and milk for breakfast. And then also gave us lunch! It was pretty cool. 

The inactive member we are still working with had cigarettes one day. Right as we arrived he finished the first. He had 9 more left. I asked him if we could throw them out, he said no. So then I asked him to smoke in front of us, he is going to do it when we leave anyways,  so I asked him to start smoking again.  He keeps on telling us "no I can't smoke in front of you elders". After 5 minutes of persuading him, he tells us he can destroy them. 
We also hid (with his permission) all of his bottle openers to make it harder to open his beer bottles. As we were leaving we asked the daughter if there were any more, she says "no, but he can just open them with his teeth if he wants to". 
He is actually 2 years younger than mom and dad, but looks 15 years older due to all the smoking and drinking.

So there were some other things we did, I can't seem to remember them all. We went to KFC after a baptism,  

Sunday was really good again, the teachers in the ward are really good at involving our investigators and making the feel welcomed. 

Saturday the Marcado Guamalito was filled with flowers for valentine's day. So we walked past it to see all the craziness, and people would always say to us, trying to sell their flowers ¿Rosa amor? It really is craziness though, cars are backed up for 4 blocks in each direction, and nobody is obeying the traffic signals. It's kinda funny really. 

We don't really do much for P-Day  - it's fine with me. I never really liked getting all hot and sweaty during P-day. 

I think that's all - thanks for all the question and the letters and the pictures!

Stay safe.  Mike obey the laws of the house, lyssa just lock hazel in the closet, mom just let the kids play all day in pre-school, Brandon you're in med school already it's not like you need to keep on getting good grades, (you know what they call the medical school grad who only made Cs, Doctor hehehehe), dad take a nap while you can, and nan adopt another dog!!!! 

Goodbye I love you alll!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! but love me the most.

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