Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's already February

Here I am again in the church building writing you guys...

Q.Do you think dad has gone on more dates with Mike or me?
A. Yo no sé

Q.Do you need anything?
A. Love

Q.What exactly is the Coca-Cola?
A. It's like going on a hike for 30 minutes on a half-way paved road. At the top is the Coca-Cola sign, it's like the Hollywood Sign, but just with lights so you can see it at night...

Q.Are you the whitest guy there?
A.No there are other missionaries that are more pasty then me

Q.How much will my truck-in-the-shop bill cost me today?
A. 13,454 Limps!

Q.In the past 12 days, how many has mom seen Hazel?
A. All 12 days

Q.How late in time/hours does Michael Skype till?
A. Past mid-night

Q.Can you believe Michael actually washed the blue truck?
A. Yes, because the GF was going to ride in it...

Q:How was your week? Did you eat any brownies?!
A: Yes, it was a happy but sad day. It was my last packet of brownie mix

So the first three days 11 of 15 citas fell. So it was not so good. Contacting houses  in this area is super tough. Most people just want to be left alone. 

The in-active member started drinking again, he went about 2 weeks without drinking . So it kinda sucked. He also had cigarettes there, I told him how I don't remember/know my grandfather because he smoked. I don't think anything registered in his mind.
Later that day we went to our best investigator's house. The one with the greatest chance of getting baptized. While we were there he told us that his wife did not want to see us or talk to us ever again. So that really stinks.  He still came to Church on Sunday he says he loves learning so much, it all makes sense to him. I don't think I will be able to see him get baptized, but that's okay I know that some day he will. 

We went out with young single adults (men) to look for menos activos, we found the mother of one but the member was not there. As well my comp blessed a business of a member, we just did it as if we were blessing a home.  The members gave us Pizza and 7up afterwords. Oh by the way it was a Daycare/Pre-School. Mom would have been in heaven Its like the whole downstairs of the house just for her kids!!!!!

Thursday we had Ward mission meeting, the mission leader brought pizza and then sent us out to buy soda at a pulparia. He is pretty cool, too bad they are changing the ward mission leader. 

We also painted a wall for a member this week that was pretty fun, we did it in the morning and it was nice and cool so everything turned out fine.

We got the Herbal life shake from a member that works in our area.

On Saturday we started the fast after going to Denny's. I got pancakes and chicken strips. The Zone leaders and my comp and I got nice and full. Then we started our fast.

Church was really good on Sunday. There are always people that want to bear their testimony. Most of them talked about the temple. They live 5 hours away, you guys live 5 minutes away, how often do you go... hehehe, but you should really go. 

As well in Elders Quorum we talked about the talk ¨Only an Elder¨. Its pretty good give it a read...  We also read a scripture in James 5 13-15. It talks about calling the Elders to bless people with oil. The bible has so many teachings and doctrine in it, and you can only find a lot of these things  in the church. Another talk I love is ¨What is the Blueprint of Christ's Church¨  It's a lot easier to listen to it then it is to read it so give it a translation.

I think that's It. Thanks for all the letters. Say hi to baby hazel for me and then rip her belly button thing off it's gross! Ummm, yeah, I guess that's all. Talk to you guys next week!

Hey its already FEB!!!! That's crazy.

Love you all and stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder CON-I-AM!!!!!!

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