Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hey everybody! What's up!

Q: Do you guys always have electricity?
A: Well, my companion says yes but it has gone out all day 2 of the 5 days I have been here.

Q: How many people in the family realized that you moved to Villanueva?
A: 1, the one that knows Spanish

Q: Dad's new favorite shows all revolve around what US state?
A: Texas 

Q.   So how does it feel to be on the move again?
A. I don't like change

Q.  How are the new digs?
A. What does digs mean...

Q.  New mattress - good, bad, really bad?
A. It's a new area of 4.5 months so the mattress is new.

Q.  Short bus ride to the new place?
A. 40 minutes in a bus to Villanueva. 5 minutes in mototaxi to the house! whats that!? just google it! it's like the red and white ones.

Q.  How many years have mom and dad been married come this Friday?
A. 26 years

Q.  Will we ever have Sunday family dinners again?
A I sure hope so, you guys are killing my best memories of the house

Q.So how is the new area?
A. Hilly, there are some cool families here, but I am still getting to know everything 

Q.How far from the old area is it?
A. 40 minutes in a bus. you in a new home!?
A. full of mold, and a bathroom that likes to cover our room in water. but more on that later.

Q do they have brownies in your new place? 
A.hehe that was a san pedro luxury 

Q so far which area is your fav?
A. I love all my area.

Q what do you like  most, as a missionary?
A. I am always sick... oh what do I like... getting to know a lot of people.

So last Monday night we got the call. And I have changes. I felt kinda bad after that,  Our former ZL is going to train there, I hope everything goes well there with our investigators. I was reminded how sad it is to say goodbye to everyone that you have formed relationships with. I don't have my camera today but I will try and send photos somehow. 

So I said good bye to San Pedro on Wednesday. The mission contracted a bus for us, so they dropped us off right at the church building. And we went to the house in moto taxt with my suit cases, that was funny. I was already told that the house was really bad before I got there so I was ready for it. It's  about the size of the living room. Put a wall in the middle of the room with a door, and one window and there's your house, and the mold on the wall don't forget that. My companion told me that Hna Dester had came 2 weeks ago to do inspections and she was apologizing the entire time "I am so sorry they put you in this ugly house, it is so terrible. We need to look for a new one right now". They left to look for a new house right there, and we should move into the new one by next week. 

My companion, Well I am with another Elder Reyes. Also from Guatemala, He is the first missionary to leave from his branch in over 20 years, and he is the only member in his family. He has one year in the mission and is starting his third change here. He is my first companion that does not know English. He is really great.

As far as the area, I am still getting to know it. We have a cook for lunch, she is a member, she also cooks for 2 other pairs of missionaries Tuesday-Sunday. We have dinner every night as well, but dinner is free. There are some recent converts and some investigators that we have as well. It's also a little weird because we share the area with the ZLs, there is no division in the area we just share it. 

My health has been pretty bad. From Tuesday until today I have had canker sores in my mouth. From Tuesday until Saturday I have had a cold, My ankle swelled up again on Saturday morning. On Sunday morning I had a fever of 98.2, and red dots all over my body. We only went to the first hour of church and then took off. We called the nurse and she told us that I need to take some pills, and that I might have Chikungunya. We are not 100% sure that it is that but I did have the symptoms of it. Today I am just back to a cough, and the canker sores seem to be going away. Normal temperature and no red spots. We did go to Wendy's, and I did not have much of an appetite.

I feel like I am missing something but I am going to have to go.

I hope all you all are okay, Stay safe and happy!

I love me so much!

Elder Conan El B├írbaro ( the name that they relate Coniam with when they meet me for the first time. ) 

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