Monday, March 16, 2015

Elder Andersen - Croc Farm - Wedding Cake

First off, Happy Birthday Mom, Michael and Luke. 

Thank you for everything you have done for me in my life mom. I can brush my teeth because of you. I can use a fork, I can write, and...  

Mike, you are my big little brother, and well you're getting married (congrats) but you will be different forever and I think you're 23 this year! Hooray one year close to death...

Luke you're pretty old now dude, I just hope you have a happy birthday!

Q: Do you drink a coke everyday?
A: yes members give us coke

Q: DO you drink the powder milk?
A: sometimes

Q: How long did the missionary talk at his homecoming?
A: 3 minutes

Q: How are you feeling?
A: good

Q: Did you have a baptism?
A: yes

Q: How is your comp/ house/area?
A: good good good

Q: find any brownies yet!?

Q: how are you feeling!?
A: good

Q: do you miss me? -your favorite sister

Q: do all the kids go to school there or do some stay home because they don't get in trouble for not going?
A: some yes others no

Q: What do the kids do on the weekends? Play outside? Watch tv?
A: play soccer in the street with a plastic ball

Well, today we went to a Zoo/Farm for 1000+ Crocodiles, 5 lions, 2 monkeys, 2 horses and dog. Well at lest those where the animals that were there. We paid 100 Limps each a little less than 5 bucks to see it all. 

Yesterday was good. H showed up for church, we are his neighbors so we just stopped by the house to walk with him there. He stayed for all three hours which is super good. He also went to a ward activity during the week and has almost gone two weeks without drinking and smoking. He has not been able to stop for over 5 months. But in reality he is doing most of the work we just talk to him, at the end of the day he is responsible for his own life, and he has done well so far. 

For lunch on Sunday we went with E and W on Sunday. W is a member (inactive) and Erica is his wife(girlfriend) we contacted. Right now they have 2 kids an older daughter (six) and younger son (3). We visited her during the week, and as we were talking she asked us what is our favorite Honduran food. We started talking about that and then I asked if she wanted to make food for us (jokingly of course). She said yeah come over Sunday and you can meet my husband. Which is great because W has super long hours. He works Monday till Saturday. So the only day we can really see him is Sundays. He is a really nice guy and was active for 12 years in the church. He did not go on a mission, he said he was in the process of filling out papers but never went. We are hoping to get them to come to Stake conference next week (a 70 will be there) and to general conference the following week. 

On Saturday we left for San Pedro at 700 Am. We got there at 800 and studied for 45 minutes. I really did not study, because there were so many people moving around I could not focus. But at 850 Am all the general authorities came in. Elder Andersen wanted to shake everyone's hand so we all started going in a line and 450 missionaries shook his hand. It was pretty cool. He talked about retention, and the atonement, and how converts need to have a change of heart. He spoke in Spanish but it was a little tough to understand him. He had a French/Portuguese accent. He said Spanish is one of the tougher languages to learn. It was nice to be able to listen to so many general authorities at one time, its kinda like a warm up for general conference. 

Friday we spent the morning waiting for the office elders to come check the house. Elder Marcus came, we were in the CCM together, he is going to be the new finical secretary with only 9 months in the mission. He is super smart though so he can do it.  

Friday Afternoon we had a wedding. Everything went over well. Afterwords we had the baptism and we had dinner at a family's house. We bought the cake for the wedding. We ordered a cake with their names and everything, but it got destroyed in shipping so we bought and normal cake. It kinda sucks but whatever. 

Thursday my companion did nothing but interviews for baptisms. We were all over the district and it kinda sucked because we had no time to work in our area. 

But I think that's my week. I hope you guys had a good one. And I hope you have a better one this week! Because it's birthday week in the CONIAM FAMILY AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Happy birthday MOM! Happy Birthday Mikeeeeeee, and happy birthday lucas!

I love me so very much! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Love me, 
 Elder Coniam 

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