Thursday, March 12, 2015

Getting Married in Honduras!

Q: When was the last time you had to talk in church?
A: The last time I talked was in San Pedro, I think in November 

Q: Is Villanueva more of a campo or is it still city like?
A: It has a downtown city, and  the rest is really hilly dirt roads.

Q: What is your favorite word in Spanish, if you have one?
A: Maracuya

Q. How are you feeling?
A.Fine, I little weak/tired

Q. Still have pain?
A. no

Q.  Are you dreaming in Spanish?
A. I had one where I was talking to mike in Spanish and he called stupid, and would not respond in Spanish.

Q.  How are your old, achy bones?
A. Just in the morning they hurt really

Q.  Who cooks better, your lady in Honduras or mom?
A. mom

Q.  What is your favorite meal she cooks - Honduran lady?
A. None really, I just wish she would give us more food, and less rice and beans

So this week started out with a nice surprise. Tuesday night we went to the house of the G Family. They are a part member  family. The farther (27) is a member and the mother (23) is not. They have 2 kids as well, a boy and a girl. When I first got here I told them how mom and dad were kinda of the same way. But anyways Bro G had gone to take out his papers. On Thursday we went to help Sis G take out her papers her in Villanueva. And On Friday we went to a little town 5 minutes down the road from Villanueva to submit their papers for them to get married. They will get married this Friday and she will get baptized later that evening.

To understand better I will explain the process of getting married here in Honduras. To get married you need to first chose  municipality where you will be getting married. Each one has different rules and requirements. So They are getting married 5 minutes down the road from Villanueva because it is faster and less expensive. Next you need to complete the requirements. So they need birth certificates(200 Limps), a paper that says they are single (200 Limps) , a list of aunts uncles and cousins paper so they know you are not marring into the family,  a health test and 600 Limps more. To take out those papers you need to go back to you place of birth at take them out at the municipality there. Some people were born far away. Like in this case Bro G was born in Santa Barbara. So he had to travel there to take out his papers. She was born here which makes it a lot easier.   And once you have all the papers and 2 witnesses above the age of 21 from outside of the family  you can get married the following week.  
Friday morning I went with the Elders from Las Flores. My Comp is a DL so he went to a DL mission meeting that morning. I arrived at their house and they said we are doing a service project. So we went back to our house and I changed so I could help. So we then went back to the church building and waited. But the member with the supplies never showed up, even after calling him so we just sat outside the church building all morning and did nothing. 

On Wednesday we found another pair like the one that is going to get married, the girlfriend said they want to get married and baptized so maybe we can help.

That same day we started visiting and 27 year old man that has an addiction to everything on the word of wisdom. He was drunk in the street one day when he told us to give him advice. I said go to church tomorrow. But he was a serious drunk and said I live in the house on the corner, come visit me. So we went and he really wants to change. He has lost his wife/ girlfriend because he drinks, smokes and has done drugs, and as well he cuts himself. He said he would get baptized and he really wants to change too - I hope we can help him.  

I think that's it! Long Letter today. I will talk to you guys next week, which will be called birthday week! Mom and Mike and Luke! Wow! Shar you need to give mike a kiss from me on his birthday, I trust you so much, and know you will do it for me! 

And dad you need to say ¨mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mother mother mother mother mother mother lori lori lori lori lori lori ¨ over and over again for me on mom's birthday and then give her a hug from me. 

It's nice to know everything is good! I love me all and will talk to me next week! 

Love Me
Elder ¨Untill death do you part¨ Coniam 
         (it's just a civil thing for now)

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