Monday, March 2, 2015

Puppies, Chikungunya, and Paradise Bakery Cookies!

Q: How's the weather?   You guys get any rain?
A:  sometimes.  It's really heating up now

Q: How are you feeling? Still sick?
A: better

Q: Can you believe it's already March?!
A: yes/no

Q: What do you want for your birthday?!
A: Paradise Bakery Cookies... it's impossible, I know..

Q.  Did you move yet?
A.  Yes.

Q.  Are you over your sickness?
A. think so

Q.  Your birthday is coming up, anything you really want?
A. love/see above.

Q.  Is the weather any cooler/hotter there in Villanueava?
A. a little cooler than San Pedro

Q.  Have you spoken in the new ward?   What's the ward's name?
A.  just the first day the bishop called me up to introduce myself.  Villanueava 

Q.  Did they give you anything?
A.  No.   I took a pill for the allergic reaction and acetaminophen. There is no pill or shot for Chikungunya. We were in the house the whole week and I drank a lot of water and slept.

Well hello March! And Goodbye Chikungunya! (I hope so)

So this past week we were in the house most of the time.  I had a slight fever and red dots all over my skin and swollen feet, hands and face. As well when you have chikungunya you really don't feel like you have strength to do anything. The virus causes the joints to hurt also, making it difficult to walk. So we stayed inside the house most of the time. There is no pill that you can take to get rid of it, the best thing to do is rest, stay inside and drink lots of water.  The chikungunya is a virus transferred by the mosquito. If you want to learn more just google it.

On Wednesday we went San Pedro. Elder Ochoa of the 70 came to a mission conference. He is very nice, and as well very smart. He talked about how we need to increase our faith and remember to focus in on the work.  Elder Ochoa quoted D&C 29:6-7 where the Lord says, “ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts.” 

We got back from the multi-zone conference and I thought "if I went to San Pedro, I can work" so we went to a cita far up on top of the hill. Bad idea. My hip bones would hurt with every step. We got back to the house and I took a shower and went straight to bed. The next day I woke up with a swollen face hands and feet. I slept and was sad the whole day. It really sucks staying in the house, especially the house we just moved out of. Time moves by much slower and all I did was end up thinking about home. My thoughts went like this when we were locked up inside the house last week: "Chikungunya at home would not be so bad.  It's cool in the house.  Mom would make cookies, and bring others from Paradise Bakery. My bed is super soft at home. I could just watch Netflix all day if I was sick at home" 

Saturday we moved. The second counselor in the ward brought his truck and helped and well an 18 year old in the ward, because I was not in moving shape. I was able to help with little things. We got everything in the house and then we bought coke-cola. And we left for a Cita in the evening and it was super fun to be outside the house. And then we had a normal Sunday. 
So I guess that's my week. Brando is a little smarty pants 4.0  last semester! 
Happy birthday Nan! She will be 40 this year.

I hope the rest of you enjoy your normal week, and choose to be happy. I love you all, I am thankful I am better and I look forward to talking to you next week!

Love Me

Elder Chikungunya Coniam

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