Monday, March 23, 2015


Q: Do you sleep like a baby every night?
A: I wake up around 5:00 and have to go back asleep, but apart from that no problems. Well the bed is kinda small.

Q: Are you eating more food now or when you were home?
A: At home.  When we're outside we don't eat really. At home I sit inside all day and all I do is eat.

Q: What is the weirdest thing you have eaten?
A: Cow brains, but that was in my first area, the poorest so far. 

Q: What is your favorite himno?
A: brillan rayos de clemencia

Q: Are your neighbors nice to you?
A: We don't talk.I guess they received the missionaries a lot like 7 months ago, but they did not progress. The two year old girl just smiles at us all the time, so that's the interaction mostly.

Q: do you like your house?
A: Yes, it's way better.  The last house sucked, it was far away, only had one window and water would go into our room from the bathroom.

Q.Troy wants to know if you're dreaming in Spanish yet?
A. It's not every day, but I have. Most of the time I don't remember my dreams.

Q.What is your favorite thing to eat? 
A.I have gotten good about eating just about everything, but I really like Chicken with tajadas. A tajada is kinda like a french fry but from the pl├ítano maduro.

Q.Did the wedding happen yet? 
A It was not really a wedding like in the states, but yes they got married by the state and then she got baptized. 

Q.Do you have many families that take care of you and have you over for dinner?
A Yes.  We eat dinner with a different family 6 out of 7 nights of the week with different families. Most every member will receive us, inactives and actives. And they will always give us a snack or soda if we come over.

Q.What do you like to do on your day off?
A. We eat fast food. Some times play sports (I don't like to because it's super hot, and my bones still hurt from the chikungunya) or go to places like the farm last week. 

Q.How are you?
A.I am happy

Q.How is the area?
A. great

Q.Did you get your package?
A. Yes thank you very much!

Well, this week was okay. We had Stake Conference  so this weekend we basically did not work at all. Kinda sucks, but hey I am well rested now. And President and Sister Dester came. I feel like every time I talk to her she asks me about my health. I think she is just concerned, and whenever I see her i am always sick.

Thursday was cool because in the night we had planned on bringing H to a church activity. We got to his house to take him with us, but he comes out with his shirt off and we need to be there in 10 minutes. He forgot about the activity, but he was being honest we could tell. We tell him don't worry it's okay, we understand and we leave. So the activity starts 20 minutes late, at 7:20 pm but at 7:15 H shows up all changed and showered. His mom told him he needs to go. His family although not members support him a lot. He was drunk for 4 months straight, and they can see the change in his life he has made. This Wednesday he will have 3 weeks without drinking, we are thinking about an April 18th baptismal date. He has already said he wants to be baptized. 

I think that's all there is not much this week, but yeah changes are coming up fast on April 1st!

Thanks for all the letters! I love you all and hope to talk to you guys again soon.

There's not anything special this week that I am forgetting right?

but anyways I love you all - thanks for the box from the states!

Love Elder Coniam

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