Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthday in Honduras

Q:Do you feel older?
A: Yes I do

Q:How long was the wait in the emergency room?
A: 4 hours

Q: Any plans for the Bday?
A: make brownies

Q.  What can you buy at  Wendy’s in Honduras for $2.16 U.S.?
A. A frosty

Q: What are Michael's weaknesses?
A: Well you just anoy him untill he screams at you. Once he does that you have found the weakness. but dont stop there keep on doing the same thing for months! hope this helps!

Q.  Did you get the happy birthday videos?
A. no they wont play, I can only download them

Q.  If you could have your favorite meal for your birthday dinner, what would it be?
A. Pizza from gramaldies

Q.  So in reality what will your birthday dinner be in Honduras?
A. Not sure, but somebody invited us to their house

Q did you like Hazel's present!? (:
A the handprint? it's taped to the wall

Q did you decorate you house for your bday!?
A no

Q do you feel old?
A no

Q do you get to skype for Mother's Day?
A we need to find a computer, because it's a Sunday and we can't go and pay for Internet that day.

Q Do you need anything
A I just need a new watch, my band is breaking, i don't want to buy one here because they are cheep ones that will break faster than the one have. And you don't need to send brownie mix, it weighs a lot.

Well another week that went by fast. It's just been super hot here. And that's about it 
We had the baptism for the oldest girl. 
The baptism went over well. A hermana in the ward gave us money to buy a cake for the little girl, so before the baptism we ran to buy one real fast.

Ummm. We got a lot of references from members this week. The whole area of Central America is doing a Family Plan of Action. It's a way to get more references. Really somebody is far more likely to get baptized if they have a family member or friend that is already a member.

We are looking for other new investigators and as well we are sticking with the old ones. I could write a whole lot about them but I would be here all day and I don't have that kind of time. 

But anyways thanks for all the birthday wishes! I hope you have a good day/week and as well stay safe!

I will send photos later and stay safe! 

Con mucho Amor 

Elder Coniam

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