Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Q.How are you?
A. I am okay

Q.At some point will you have a baptism for the other two or how does that work?

A. just teach them till they understand, have another interview until they pass

Q: Do Hondurans celebrate 420?
A: no, that's like a normal week night here

Q: What should I write about for my science and religion class?
A: the science of a sweating missionary in Honduras

Q.  Did you realize it's 4-20?
A.  No

Q.  So what did you have for birthday dinner?

A. brownies more on that later and chicken

Q.  Have you seen a Nissan Ultima in Honduras?

A.   Yeah they are just really old the kind you don't want

Q.  Have you seen any scorpions in Honduras?

A. no - thankfully only roaches

Q.  What's your favorite Honduran bug?

A.  None

Q: how was your birthday?!
A it was okay

Q: do people always stare at you because you are so tall!?

A: yes or because I am handsome, I am not sure which one, maybe a little bit of the two

Q: Have you worn the short I got you yet!? (: I mean... The shirt Hazel got you.

A: yes last Monday

Q: do you think Shar will ever talk with a lisp when she talks to Tina like we do!? 

A: if she wants to be a real member of the family she will. 

Q: what is your favorite thing about Sundays?

A: one more day until p-day. I am also happy when investigators come to church

Q: do you have a roof cat in your neighborhood!?

A: I saw one the other day, but it's hardly ever there

Q: so you like the way I decorate your boxes!? Does it make you feel special? (Kisses!! Oyoyoy)

A:yes very special

Q: did I ask too many questions?


So I have 10 months in the mission now. Last P-Day we went to the church to cook the brownies and take them to the members houses. The thing is is that the oven in the church building does not work. So we called a member that has an oven to cook them. She let us use her oven. We cooked the brownies and went to different members houses. We did not get to go to everyone's house because the oven in the church made us late. 

Then on Tuesday we had divisions. Elder S, my old companion from SPS was with me. We had a normal day with him. His ankles are doing a lot better now and does not feel as much pain. Which is good. We do a family home evening with and inactive family which was good I guess, because they showed up early Sunday morning for church. We did not have any investigators but we had them there.

We ended divisions on Wednesday and that was a normal day. We did contact the house of the girl that just decided to walk with me under my umbrella that day when it was raining, (Did I tell you about that) her sister in law let us, and now we have a return cita. 

On Thursday we started eating with our new cook. The lights went out when we were at the church building and we had to make our way home fast.

Friday we went to a reference to an area 25 minutes away in car. It's still in our area. The reference was from a member and they took us there in their car. They (the reference) lives in the middle of nowhere, there is no lights in their house and they don't have a car.  They have to walk 30 minutes to make it to the small town close to them. So it might be hard for them to progress.

Saturday was looking bright, We had a lot of citas fijas and my comp woke up with signs of the the chichgunyna... So we stayed in the house all day. The neighbor made me food, I did not ask,but that was nice of her. I also raked all the leaves with a broom - that sucks so much. And I also waited for mangos to fall from the tree in the backyard. Mangos are really good. Some times the kids in the neighborhood enter into our lot to steal some of the mangos that have fallen down. I all ways try to beat them to it!. Sunday we went to church and then stayed at home all day. 

I think that is it. Before I forget, please don't send bug repellent the mission gives us some for free. I think that is all!!!

I love me sooooooo much!

Elder Angel Face Coniam

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