Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Easter

So first off Happy Easter!  And thanks for the packages , Nan and family. I have tried to hold back on eating all the things and opening all the gifts but it's been hard.

So this week was a normal missionary week. We found some new investigators and some of them are pretty good. My favorite one is S. He is a 33 year old and is really humble. He is open to our message, he said he loved the first vision and the way we talked about it. He just recently got a job and we are hoping to get him to church. 

As well we have some baby baptisms on the way. That means that we are going to baptise an 8, 11 and 12 year old. Their parents are converts and they want them to be baptized on the 11th. 

H fell. He started drinking again. So we will See where it goes with him. 

On Thursday it started to rain - I took out the shoes you guys sent and used those because my old ones slip in the rain. So thanks so much. Also that day we were walking with our umbrellas when I turned around to look behind me. I see a teenage girl walking in the rain, I just say hi, smile and look forward again and before I know it she is under my tiny umbrella wanting to share with me. I did not kick her out. We basically talk for 5 minutes, before we had to part ways... 
Oh and a lady told us that she had a dream that Joseph Smith was burning in hell and god told her that she would end up like that if she would continue going to the church. So that was funny!

Q: what is your favorite Honduran drink?
A: Like juice, I don't know, there are a lot of good natural juices here

Q: what is the biggest difference between Honduras and the U.S.?
A: That's a wide ranged question, ummmmm I´ll have to think.

Q: did you get your birthday package!?
A: yes from nan and from the fam

Q: can you believe it's almost April!?!?!?
A: yes

Q: What did you send along with the birthday card? It was all smooshed.
A: A spider... l

Q: How happy were we when U of A lost during March madness?
A: Happier than mom on the first day of school

Q: How hot is it supposed to be today in Phoenix?
A: 101

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