Monday, April 6, 2015

Off to the Lake

Q: did you have dinner at a member's house? And did they have you look for Easter eggs!?
A: Yes, but it was not special, just a normal dinner

Q: was it really hot in Honduras this week!? It was hot here!!
A: yes

Q: did Hazel cry when she got her ears pierced?
A:  a little

Q: did Adrie or Andie cry when they got their ears pierced!?
A: yes

Q: did you open more presents!?
A: yes, all of them.  I was sad last night, it made me a little happier

Q.  Where did you go for conference?
A. first, 9 of us gringos were jammed into the clerk's office, but from Saturday afternoon and on it was in the high council room. With AC!!!!!!

Q.  What did you eat for Easter dinner?
A. scrambled eggs, beans and flour tortillas

Q.  Have you eaten everything out of your birthday package?
A. pretty much, the stuff from nan also. She sent these oatmeal packets that were pretty good.

Q.  Have you used the air horn and confetti shooter?
A. The Air Horn yes a lot. Our house faces a long street, so when people are walking away I like to honk the horn, they always turn around! It's really funny to watch their reactions.

Q.  I think you've got three youngsters getting baptized this week, right?
A. Yes, The thing is that they are not children of record so the only way they can get baptized is through the missionaries. Their parents went inactive for some time, so we are drilling the day of rest into their little heads.

Q: Did you get to watch all sessions of conference?
A: Yes.

Q: Did you get to watch conference in English?
A: the first few talks on Saturday morning in Spanish... I cant really pay attention when a translator is talking for a white dude, So we could say I need to listen to those again in English.

Q: What snacks did you eat during conference?
A: Acifurta (latino starburst), and nothing else really.

Q: Do Hondurans believe in the Easter bunny (I think conejo is bunny in Spanish)?
A: No.  They ask us why there are bunnys and eggs. We don't know how to respond.

Q:We had chips and dip, did you?
A: No

Q:Did you do anything for Easter?
A: Nope nothing special

Q:Who was at our house first for Easter- B, A, & H, or Nana, or Grandpa?
A: Grandpa and nan usually arrive early, one of them

Q:Do you have any birthday stuff left?
A: yeah, thanks for the shirt

Q:Did you have a favorite conference talk?
A: Elder Nelsons talk, no more better call saul on Sundays!!!!

That's a lot of questions, but that's good because I have nothing to write about.

So I enjoyed all of conference. We were able to watch it in English, with the comfort of AC. We were in the high council room, and I took my shoes off. It felt better. It´s nice to sit back and relax every once and a while. but what's crazy is that I only have two more general conferences left in my mission. I am an old dude now.

So this week was ¨Holy Week¨ here in Latin America. So what does that mean for the typical Honduran? ¨I need to go swim!¨ This week everyone leaves their pueblos (villaneuva) and goes to the beach or to a river. It also means it's kind of  like a ghost town. But that was after changes... Did you know I had changes this week?

Well I just changed comps I am now with elder Lopez from huetenango Guatemala. Elder Reyes went to Santa Rosa De Copan. Elder Lopez has 14 months in the mission.  On Monday night they told us that Elder Lopez would be my comp, but there are 4 in the mission so nobody had any clue of who it was.

Well today we went to the lake! Yojoa Lake to be exact. We did not get in a boat or swim, we just looked at the lake messed around and took pictures. It was fun. better than staying the day here in villaneuva. The only bad thing is it's an hour bus ride away, and on the bus ride back we had to stand up the whole time. But it´s all good!

Well I think that's all! thanks for all the letters! I love you all so very much, oh and a year ago last weekend we help Alyssa put troy and Melissa's couches in nan's garage! You're welcome sis!

Have a good week! Stay safe, And lose some weight before the weeding!
Se que tu tienes una panza mike, no quieres salir en toda las photos de la boda con una panza. Tal vez lyssa también porque ella dio luz hace 3 meses ya. Y también papa porque me preocupe tu salud!

Well I think mike is only going to understand that but its okay!

Talk to you next week!

Me Amo,
Elder cOnIaM

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