Sunday, May 24, 2015

Close to one year. Lots of pictures

Well, if everything goes well I should be home in a year. When I tell a lot of other missionaries that I almost have a year everyone freaks out. Especially the ones that were in my first zone. Time really flies by. It's really crazy to see how much I have changed in a year. It really is true that your biggest growth is during your biggest challenges. 

Well this week was good. We did not have changes and that's cool! Time has gone by fast here in Villaneuva, I would be more than happy to be here for six months.   

We were able to have some good visits. Belinda who got married and baptized back in march did not go to church for the first time last Sunday. We always visit them but we went to find out whats up. She told us she work up late, but then she also told us that she had stopped reading the scriptures and praying, Everything turned out well. We also heard  that her husband might be called to be the new young men's president. So that would be super awesome. 

We also set a baptismal date with a 15 year old named Luis. He was a reference from Belinda's husband. He is progressing really fast. So we are shooting for May 30th with him. He also lives with 20+ family members (different houses, same lot), so there is a a lot of other people that have the chance to be baptized. 

We also have a new ward mission leader. He's 18 years old and has worked with us a lot more than the old mission leader. 
Today we went to Pulhapanzak. It's a waterfall and while we cant swim it was still pretty cool! I have some pretty sweet pictures and videos. We also came back in a bus with a TV and I took a video of that it was super dope! (I have never used that word) 

I also learned this week that I fall a lot.
Well I think that's all I will talk to you all next week! Stay safe. 

Me Amo

Elder Coniam 

Questions! You guys thought I forgot about the questions! 

Q what was your favorite part of last week?
A Not sure

Q what did you do today!?
A went to a water fall 

Q did you have brownies last week!?
A no

Q what time do you go to bed?
A last night at like ten, we go to bed early on Sundays normally 10:30ish

Q so you say your prayers in Spanish?
A the prayer is in Spanish and English, it jumps back and forth 

Q have you had Spanish dreams?
A yes. 

Q: What was the saddest looking animal in the zoo?
A: monkey... 

Q: Does Tina still chester?
A: Yes, she's tina...

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