Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy Post-Mothers Day - Pick a wedding photo

We got to speak with Elder Coniam on Mothers Day - it was great and we're grateful to have been able to do so - there wasn't much to put in writing the following Monday.     Here's what we got.

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for the letter. Yesterday I was able to talk to my family through skype! It was really great!

How is the area you're in now? 
The area is really hilly. As well this time of the year is very hot. But It's nice here because the is a Wendy's is close buy!

Do you have any nice families you're teaching? 
Yes and no. They are not a family yet, they don't have kids, they are just boyfriend and girlfriend, but they need to get married first.

 What is your favorite Honduran meal? 
Pollo con tajadas or Chicken with pl├ítanos

Do they play a lot of soccer there?  
That's all they play here. Kids will put two big rocks in the street to make a goal post. And then they play with a plastic soccer ball. In some neighborhoods they have a big dirt field that they play soccer on. Some kids play without shoes, some in sandals and others in  normal shoes. They really love soccer here!

Pick your favorite wedding photo!

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