Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Day in Honduras

Q: Are you celebrating Memorial Day Honduras style!?
A: no

Q: should mike get a job this summer?
A:yes how else are they going to pay for everything

Q: do you have any words of encouragement for Hazel when she gets her shots?
A: Polio is worse than the shot.

Q.   Did you go behind the waterfall to find the pot of gold?
A. no that costs 250 Limps, but really you can go behind the waterfall

Q.  Is there a reason you sit in the back of the bus?
A.  ummm...

Q.   Do you feel like you're in grade school all over again on the school bus?
A.   no because there are inappropriate music videos playing 

Q.  Has your music style changed now that you've been in H for a year?
A. I will listen to more Latino music when I get back... We are not allowed to listen to worldly music, but that's impossible here...

Q.  What's the most American thing you've seen besides people in Honduras?
A. The gray shirts that say ARMY on them

Q.  Have you met Americans - not necessarily church members - in Honduras?
A. Yes, but I hate talking to gringos here, it makes me look like a tourist. I try to avoid talking to them.  

Now that the questions are done we will talk about the week!

Well this week we had a multi zone conference, it was fun going back to San Pedro for a little bit. The whole zone rented a bus it was pretty cool. And it was cheaper then taking the other buses. 

This week we worked a lot with the new mission leader. He is a great help. As well as the new counselors in the bishopric. 

We worked  a lot with Luis this week. He is going to get baptized this Saturday. He is one of the fastest investigators I have had. We met him the 26th of April and is getting baptized one month later. My companion gave him a white shirt. I would give him one of mine but mine are a little big. He is only 15 years old. He works with Luis Gamez, the member that got married way back in March. 

As well Luis Gamez is going to be the young mens president. I hope that will keep him and his wife active. 

Yesterday it felt like the whole ward was giving us references. We got 3 at church it was pretty cool. As well we have 15+ new possible investigators. 

One was C, she is the sister in law of a member here. Her baby boy passed away, he only lived for five days. The Sister that gave us the reference took us to C's house to meet her.  It was really sad, nobody was crying, they were just depressed. C's boyfriend is a member. We are hoping to go back this weekend to talk to her. We did not really talk to her that much because there was a lot of family members and we could only introduce ourselves. But I do remember thinking about Chase when the sister told us that he baby nephew died. 

I am happy that we can know where our loved ones are. Death is a step in this life that will always happen, sometimes we think comes too fast. But I think we can be comforted by knowing that our loved ones are okay and that we can see them again one day.

Well I will end there!

I will talk to you guys later! I love you guys a lot and hope you have a good week. Stay safe.


Elder Coniam

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