Monday, April 27, 2015

Pleasure v. Happiness

Well, another week has gone by.  One thing I learned in my personal study this week comes from Jesus The Christ.So it is a little long, but it is something I really like. And something that everyone can apply to their lives. James E Talmage explains the difference between pleasure and happiness.

Pleasure Versus Happiness.—“The present is an age of pleasure-seeking, and men are losing their sanity in the mad rush for sensations that do but excite and disappoint. In this day of counterfeits, adulterations, and base imitations, the devil is busier than he has ever been in the course of human history, in the manufacture of pleasures, both old and new; and these he offers for sale in most attractive fashion, falsely labeled, Happiness. In this soul-destroying craft he is without a peer; he has had centuries of experience and practice, and by his skill he controls the market. He has learned the tricks of the trade, and knows well how to catch the eye and arouse the desire of his customers. He puts up the stuff in bright-colored packages, tied with tinsel string and tassel; and crowds flock to his bargain counters, hustling and crushing one another in their frenzy to buy.

“Follow one of the purchasers as he goes off gloatingly with his gaudy packet, and watch him as he opens it. What finds he inside the gilded wrapping? He has expected fragrant happiness, but uncovers only an inferior brand of pleasure, the stench of which is nauseating.
“Happiness includes all that is really desirable and of true worth in pleasure, and much besides. Happiness is genuine gold, pleasure but guilded brass, which corrodes in the hand, and is soon converted into poisonous verdigris. Happiness is as the genuine diamond, which, rough or polished, shines with its own inimitable luster; pleasure is as the paste imitation that glows only when artificially embellished. Happiness is as the ruby, red as the heart’s blood, hard and enduring; pleasure, as stained glass, soft, brittle, and of but transitory beauty.

“Happiness is true food, wholesome, nutritious and sweet; it builds up the body and generates energy for action, physical, mental and spiritual; pleasure is but a deceiving stimulant which, like spirituous drink, makes one think he is strong when in reality enfeebled; makes him fancy he is well when in fact stricken with deadly malady.

“Happiness leaves no bad after-taste, it is followed by no depressing reaction; it calls for no repentance, brings no regret, entails no remorse; pleasure too often makes necessary repentance, contrition, and suffering; and, if indulged to the extreme, it brings degradation and destruction.

“True happiness is lived over and over again in memory, always with a renewal of the original good; a moment of unholy pleasure may leave a barbed sting, which, like a thorn in the flesh, is an ever-present source of anguish.

“Happiness is not akin with levity, nor is it one with light-minded mirth. It springs from the deeper fountains of the soul, and is not infrequently accompanied by tears. Have you never been so happy that you have had to weep? I have.”—From an article by the author, Improvement Era, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 172, 173

So this week was okay. I don't think I have talked about a new investigator J. Her boyfriend is a member and she is not they are both 20 years old and they are also the youngest in their families. My Comp and I are exactly the same. She just moved in with him and had started going to church. They aren't married though. You can just automatically assume that with everyone here though.  We asked them to set a date to get married and they told us, We will get married in 2015. I just laughed and thought, We would like this whole process to be a little bit faster. So they are going to set another date.

The recent convert (the one who got married) is doing well. They both have jobs (they did not have jobs before the baptism), so that's pretty cool to see the blessings of their willingness to follow the commandments

On Thursday we did divisions. I was with Elder Ibarra from Panama. So that was fun. 

Yesterday the ward boundaries changed. So now we have more members,  

As well yesterday my little tummy started to hurt around lunch time. I did not eat dinner, When we got home went straight to bed. but now I am better. 


Q: what is the last thing you ate?
A: A frosty

Q: how often do you have to shave your mush-beard?

A: every other day, If I was a super obedient missionary, I would shave everyday.

Q: do you have a favorite member family?

A: Yes 

Q: do any of the people remind you of anyone from home?

A: no

Q: How much do you sweat? 
A: Do you need this for your science paper, because I can only guess - it wont be exact 

Q: Are your pits on your shirt stained yellow? 
A: No 

Q: Did you guys hear about the earthquake in Nepal?
A: Just on the TV - I saw it today. 

Q.What has been the best thing about your mission? 
A. Learning a lot, meeting people

Q.   Could you give a 20 minute talk in church with little or no time to prepare?

A. 15 maybe - 20 is difficult

Q.  How many speakers do you have on Sunday usually?

A. 2

Q.  Who cleans the church building in Honduras?

A.   Good question - don't know.

Well, goodbye - I love me all

Elder Coniam 

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