Monday, June 15, 2015

Chopping wood! "It's good to do hard things!"

Q.How is the weather there? 
A. It's pretty hot but it's been raining a lot also... Lots of mud

Q.Do you get the heat and humidity there?
A. Yes.

Q: Do random people you have never met tell you that they know you or have seen you before?
A: No, I don't think so, they only say I always see you walk by.

Q: Does anybody ask why you and your companion have the same first name?
A: Yes, it happens. Why do all of you have the same name?

Q: Is it crazy to think that you have been gone a year?!
A: Yes, kinda fast

Q.   Do you want your package sent with or without your new calendar?   Calendar will be ready by the end of this week.
A. With - I don't need the workout books now. Another elder sold me all of insanity, and a lot of P90x for $15.00

Q. Should mom and dad downsize the house to get a condo/cabin in Flagstaff?
A. Too cold for mom there, no.

Q.How was your week?
A. Fine

Q.Is it next week for the new cook or this week? How is that going?
A. I think so.  Tomorrow we are going to start

So we did a lot this week. Tuesday we started with divisions! Elder Lopez went with Elder Shumway from Las Flores, and Elder Sanchez from El Salvador came with me. He had a hard time climbing the hills of Villanueva! But it was fun. 

Wednesday was normal, and Thursday as well. But Friday Elder Lopez went to a district leader meeting, and for the morning and afternoon I was with Elder Shumway. Then when Elder Lopez came back we delivered Tamales. The members committed to buying a certain number on Sunday, and then on Friday we delivered them. They were 50 cents and they sold 133.  We delivered about half - which consisted of walking up and down hills with a 5 gallon bucket full of tamales! All to help someone get married. 

Then on Saturday morning we got up early to go help a member look for fire wood in the mountain. It is something I will never forget. We walked an hour to go to the mountain. We spent 45 minutes cutting wood. And then we rolled the fire wood into a bundle and put it on our backs, and climbed out of the mountain and walked back to his house but that took a hour and a half to walk back. I kept on telling myself "It's good to do hard things, It's good to do hard things." And I would be lying if I said that I did not fall down a few times. The member cut everything with a machete, and he carried a bundle of wood that was bigger than him! As well some of the wood had termites in it. It's something I never want to do again. But they gave us lunch afterwards so that was cool. My lunch had chicken heart in it! Yummmy!

Sunday morning it rained a little bit. And we all know that Hondurans melt in the rain so not too many people showed up to church. But it's all good. We have a baptism planned this Saturday, the 15 year girl, K. She lives with her older sister who is a member so we hope everything will go well. Sunday I burned my shirt and also we left with the mission leader. 

I think that's all!  

Love me all very much! Stay safe! And never throw away the life size cutout of me! 

With my everlasting Love,
Elder Tyler Scott (Como El papel higienico) Coniam   

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