Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cooking till the 16th

Q: Since you are coming up on your one year mark what you would tell "one year ago Ty" now that you've been out a year?
A: Chill out - everything is going to be okay!

Q: what way have you changed the most?
A: I am a little more independent, I know another language, I have a stronger testimony

Q: does it feel like you've been out one year?
A: Maybe like six months

Q: who do you think has Changed the most? In the family?
A: There are 2 new members... Shar and Hazel

Q: what has been your favorite part of your mission so far?
A: Meeting a lot of people. Before the mission I did not really want to know more people. It´s cool to be a minority also. 

Q.  Will Mike even write or is he too busy relaxing on vacation from his strenuous year?
A. He wrote me!

Q.   Reflect on this past year.   What have you learned the most?   What's surprised you the most?
A. I have learned how to talk to people.  The car that hit the bus surprised me the most.

Q.  What will mom and Maggie do all week - Girls Week - home by themselves!?
A. Mom will ignore Maggie, and Maggie will sleep.

Q.Where would you like to vacation next year?
A. I have an Idea!! Roatan!

Q.Arizona broke a record on June 5th, what was it?
A. Snow

Q.What do you think dad had for dinner last night?
A. Cookies

Q.How many bags did Mike take on the trip?
A. 1 Bag

Q.Guess who didn't mail your package?
A. It is okay - I forgive that person...

So this week was fun! Tuesday we went to lunch and the member said that she could not continue cooking for us. It´s a long story, but we have asked another member. She is going to start cooking for us on the 16th. In the meanwhile I get to practice my cooking skills!

We are continuing working with our investigators. 

J and D are going to sell tamales to raise money for their wedding. The Relief Society is going to sell tamales also to help them raise money. It was also cool because Luis the recent convert went with us to visit J. 

I don't think I have told you guys about another investigator we have. Her name is K. She moved here from Limperia (the church is not established there yet). She moved here with her sister (inactive member) to take care of her nephew. She just showed up to church one Sunday. Her sister told her to go. She´s only a 15 year old girl, but she is really smart. She understands everything she reads in the Book of Mormon. We put a baptismal date with her for the 20th of this month, but turns out she is going back to Limperia for a week. So I don't think I will be able to be here for her baptism because we have changes soon. 

I really feel like I am not just a missionary - I am a marriage counselor as well. As missionaries we cant tell people what to do, but there are a lot of people that want to progress in the gospel. But their husband or sometimes wife is holding everything back. Those people are some of the most difficult to work with. 

On Sunday we did divisions with some young men in the ward, that is always fun. I went with Pedro and Elder Lopez went with the ward mission leader. 

I hope everything is going well in Arizona, or Cali (Mike and Shar). Enjoy your summer ( we are starting to have summer showers here in Honduras) 

Brandon, Alyssa, Mike and Shar we know that the family acronym is SLAMANDT. What will be your family acronym...  Brandon and Alyssa should do ¨BAHAHA¨ and Mike and Shar should do ¨MSHARK¨ 

I guess that's all. Have a good week. I did not take a single picture this week so sorry.

Stay safe I love me all! 

Me Amo,
Elder ¨Cada de Angel¨ Coniam

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