Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Father's Day and 575 gallons of water

Q.  Where were you on 6 17 01?
A. At a Diamondbacks baseball game

Q.  How old were you on 6 17 01?
A.  6 years old, awwwwwww baby-t

Q.  Did you run the bases on 6 17 01?
A. Yes!!!!!!!

Q: Do Hondurans have a different Father's day?
A: It is March 17th I think. They don't really do anything here.

Q:  What should we do this summer now that Brandon is off school?
A: Pre-order Fallout 4 and a get Play Station 4. If you don't like the Xbox get a PS4. 

Q: Did you wear the shirt Hazel got you today?!
A: No.   I did wear it when we went to bring wood from the mountain. And some girls blew kisses at me when we walked by with the logs, but I think it was the shirt. Thanks Haze, already looking out for your uncle! hahahaahahhaaha

Q: What's your opening line when people want to talk to you about the gospel? Have you tried different things? 
A:  Have you heard about the Mormon Church before? It's always good to know their understanding of the church, most have had heard of it. And they hear things like we worship Joseph Smith, proxy baptisms, and other weird things.

First off, Happy Father's Day. And Happy Birthday Cash! 7 years old, that's crazy!

So the week was really normal. I was a little sick this week. I could not breath really well. I could only take short breaths, taking long breath would hurt. Now everything is better, I was able to exercise today. On Friday I did divisions with Elder Best from L.A. Cali. It was fun. Kinda weird being with a gringo, a lot of more people stare. 

Saturday we and the ZLs (the other missionaries in the ward) had one baptism each. We learned that the water was not running in the church. So we called a member that works for the church here. He opened the door for the maintenance room and we started to take out water of the big tank. We carried 115 five-gallon buckets in order to fill up the font. I actually liked doing it. It was fun. I took a turn scooping the water and running the water to the font. And well that's about it. We had the baptism of K and everything went well.

And Saturday night, a family turned a family home evening into a birthday party.  I have photos of that or you guys.

Happy Father's Day, dad.  I love me so much.  And I hope mom bought you an Xbox One, I know one day you told me you wanted one.   Buy gold and silver, make sure your retirement funds are going good, dad.  Take a rest from mowing, mom's kids aren't coming over so she can't get embarrassed!  Thanks for being the best dad ever! I love me so much!

I think that's it! I will talk to you next week!  Stay safe. I love you all.
Elder Tyler Coniam

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