Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pics Wearing a Wedding Tie

Hey, what's up!!!!!


Q.Do you have any questions for us?
A. No

Q: Do you have a favorite Honduran dessert? 
A: The shakes here are really good. The fruits here have more flavor (flave) so they taste real good.

Q: Can you believe it's already June?!
A: Yes and no

Q: When are transfers? 
A:  24th of June

Q: Do YSA get married in Honduras? (Dominican YSA rarely dated let alone married)
A: There are always more young single adult women, the men that are active have no problems finding wives. But they do think you need to study first, and then get married. 

Q: Do you have the really big mosquitoes that look like daddy long legs?
A: No not  quite that big...

Q: What should Shar and I eat before the DBacks game tonight?
A: Potbellys!!!!!! Mike where does all this money come from... how can you afford to do these things?

Q.How did your baptism go on Saturday?
A. Really Great

Q.How are you doing in your area?
A. Really great.

Well this week. Sometimes I feel as if all the weeks get smashed together.  

But this week we spent a lot of time with Luis. The week before any baptism we always spend time finishing the lessons.  I reacted badly when he said that he wanted Elder Lopez to baptize him. I was really frustrated the whole day, it was a big distraction. I went to bed feeling as if I am never going to get the chance to baptize someone (I have yet to do it). By the time they were both changing into white clothing I realized that it's okay. The most important part is that he was baptized, not which missionary did the actual ordinance. 

As well we worked on plans to help raise money for Daniel's and Jessica's wedding. We are thinking we are going to sell food during a ward activity. As well Daniel's niece is a new investigator she is only ten, but the primary president tells us that she likes to participate a lot. 

I have run out of ideas to write about... I hope this is enough for this week!

Thanks for all your letters!

I love you guys a lot! Stay safe and work hard.

Love Me 
Elder Tyler Coniam! 

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