Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th in Honduras - Branding cows

Q How are your 20 members?
A They are like 30, mom.  They are doing well.

Q.Where do you meet for church?
A. A la par de la iglesia católica, en serio. It´s a little house.

Q.Did you already tell us this? I can't remember?
A.I think so

Q.Did you get your box with the pants?
A. Not until like 3 or 4 weeks maybe.

Q: Are there any good places to eat in Naco?!
A: not really

Q: what do you like most about Naco so far?
A: The house we have here is really nice

Q: Do less people want to talk to you because you are both American?
A: No people just try to say things in English thinking it's funny. They only do it when their friends are around

Q: Did you wear a patriotic tie on the 4th?
A: Can't remember, we had sparklers though

Well this week was full of fun things! 

Tuesday we had the Zone meeting. We learned a lot and at the end I got a surprise... Nan had sent me a package, I took some photos with the food, she sent. I love just about every thing in there. The Fig Bars are super good, and some dried apple things were good also. And as well I eat peanuts now I guess. Nan sent some I tried it and liked them... So thank you so much, Nan.

Tuesday afternoon we went to a cita in a place called ¨To fashion¨ pronounced ¨Toe Fashion¨. There is a family there investigating the church. They don't have running water or lights, but there is a well pump thing so we helped them carry water while we were there. 

Wednesday we did a ward activity. Every Wednesday we have one. Well this week we watched Meet the Mormons. It was super cool. Everyone loved it. 

Friday morning we went to the bishop's house to work on his farm. We branded cows, (I got a video of that) we filled up their food holder with pineapple husks. I guess cows eat that stuff. We also help the bishop reconstruct part of the stable. We worked with two other elders.

Friday in the afternoon we left with the bishop to visit a part of our area that is pretty far out. We went with the elders quorum president. We were able to meet a bunch of inactive members. They all expressed a desire to go back to church, they don't go to church because the bus passage costs a lot for them. Well the bishop offered to come and pick them all up. None of them decided to go to church on Sunday. The fun thing is that during that trip the bishop's car got stuck in a hole and we had to push it out. And then on the way back to Naco, we stopped to get gas. We got back on the highway and the hood starts pushing out smoke like crazy. He pulls over and we stop. He son had to come in the other car to bring us home. 

Saturday we were able to leave with a recent convert. She was really helpfull. She knows everyone here in Naco, so it was really fun taking her to the citas. They would just talk and talk and talk. She was a big help in inviting investigators to church. 

Sunday we were able to bring some of those investigators to church. 

Funny things in Naco Week 2... When the women that let us into her house says that the sabbath day is Saturday because the footnotes say so.
The lady that cooks our food disagreed with a calculator! We where paying her for 13 days of lunch. She said that 390*2 is 790, I took out the phone to show her it is 780, she did not give up until her daughter told her she was wrong.

One of our investigators said that she and her family could not go to church because they were going to visit her aunt that they have not seen for a long time, and would not  be back until the night. In the afternoon we found her smooching a older man, she is 16 he looked 20+. She then got in a moto taxi and took off. She started to get embarrassed out when she knew that we saw her. 

So I think that is it. Take care. I need wedding photos pronto! Thanks for all your love and your letters! I hope you enjoyed the photos! Stay safe!!!!!!

Love your n00b
Elder TSC12 (I miss Xbox Live)

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